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British Army Parachutist Crashes Into Roof Of California Home

Amelia Ward


British Army Parachutist Crashes Into Roof Of California Home

A British soldier made a surprise entrance into a southern California residential home by crashing through the roof.

Locals were shocked to find the parachutist, who had hurtled through the sky before crashing through the home, after he experienced issues while in freefall on a training exercise.

The plane he jumped from was travelling at 15,000ft while he was part of a group training exercise.

It was conducted from Camp Roberts, a national guard base in California. It was initially training facility for new soldiers in preparation for the coming conflicts of World War II.


He had jumped from a plane in a High Altitude Low Opening, which is known as Halo.

It's used by both the SAS and SBS for covert insertions into hostile territory.

Once the man smashed through the roof of the bungalow, he was dazed, but amazingly not seriously injured. Images that have since circulated on Twitter show him sat on the floor, surrounded by debris from his crash, still attached to his harness with a bag on next to him.


The soldier descended rapidly toward the ground, landing about 200 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

When he was found by locals, they called emergency services immediately.

Neighbour Rose Martin told KSBY: "I was in shock. I'm like, what?"

"So I ran in to make sure he was okay and I checked on him and his eyes were open but I wasn't sure if there were any injuries. I didn't want anyone to move him."


She added: "It's a miracle in my estimation, really. I mean, who lands like that without a parachute and lives?"

Although the property was damaged at the time of the incident, it was empty, so luckily, nobody was seriously injured.

The soldier was fully conscious but in some pain and was taken to hospital.

An MOD spokesperson told LADbible: "There has been a parachuting incident involving a British soldier training alongside American allies in California.


"The soldier received minor injuries and is recovering well."

After experiencing issues in freefall, the parachute then did deploy, although there was then not enough height to land in the allocated Drop Zone.

The homeowner's mother, Linda Sallady, was amazed there wasn't more damage to the house, adding: "It's mostly the ceiling, the sheetrock. He missed the counters, appliances, everything."

A statement from the Atascadero police department said: "Investigation revealed that a parachute failed to fully deploy during manoeuvres by a group training at Camp Roberts. This was the only incident involved and all others participating in the jump landed safely at the designated landing field."


The police department also confirmed there were no more injuries.

Topics: US News, Weird

Amelia Ward
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