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British K-Pop Star Unable To Sing Properly Because Of Cosmetic Lip Treatments

British K-Pop Star Unable To Sing Properly Because Of Cosmetic Lip Treatments

Oli London has undergone hundreds of treatments, but now has to choose whether he wants to keep his look or his singing voice

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A British K-pop singer has been left 'devastated' after he had too many lip fillers and ended up with a lisp as a result.

Oli London underwent 100 different cosmetic procedures, and has been under the knife 15 times in order to look more like his idols in the K-pop world.

However, the more than £122,000 ($170,000) spent on changing his appearance has potentially left him with a permanent lisp, and unable to sing properly.

Oli, who admits to being 'addicted to having big lips' is set to have his fillers removed, but says he isn't sure whether he wants to go ahead with it.

Jam Press

He said: "I've been getting lip fillers for years but I recently got 3mls in the space of a few weeks in Dubai where I am currently living and working.

"My lips are so swollen that I cannot sing properly and every time I sing or talk, I have a lisp that is not going away; it's sometimes very hard for me to talk at all.

"When I'm in my music studio rehearsing or recording, it's become so hard I cannot even sing properly anymore as the lisp has become so pronounced.

"It's so weird to go from having the same voice your whole life and being able to speak so clearly to suddenly sounding different and struggling to pronounce simple words properly.

"Imagine losing the angelic voice that you have built your career on - it's truly devastating."

Jam Press

As well as the non-surgical procedures, he's had five nose surgeries, chin bone and cheek contouring, liposuction, and blepharoplasty.

The doctors have now told him they need to dissolve the filler in an attempt to help him sing and speak normally once more.

That said, there's still a chance that he'll be left with permanent damage.

Oli explained: "I cried in floods of tears when they told me this, honestly sometimes we don't appreciate what we have until we lose it.

"It's so devastating because I am so proud of my singing voice and all my K-Pop songs, and they have all done so well, making me the highest-charting European K-Pop artist ever.

"Do I sacrifice my luscious lips to be able to sing and talk properly again?

Jam Press
Jam Press

"Do I dissolve all the filler but lose the very essence of my K-Pop look? It's a tough choice and I don't think I'm ready to make that decision just yet."

Now, he wants to warn others not to choose their doctors from Instagram alone, and to research thoroughly before making any choices relating to cosmetic surgery.

He said: "In the past, I have chosen doctors just from Instagram even though they have not even had official websites, merely Instagram accounts.

"This is definitely not the best approach, always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon or clinic that has the correct accreditations.

"This is extremely important to avoid anything going wrong and you being left with permanent damage from fillers or surgery."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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