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Cards Against Humanity Has Launched Another Bizarre Black Friday Stunt

Cards Against Humanity Has Launched Another Bizarre Black Friday Stunt

Is this finally your chance to pick up a 'poncho toilet'?

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

As you may have noticed by the 198,398 emails you've received from various companies you bought something from once and forgot to tick the 'do not contact' box - today is Black Friday.

The annual celebration of consumerism originally started across the pond in the US, but it's quickly caught on here and generally sees people making absolute tits of themselves by scrapping in a supermarket over a telly with £20 off.

As a slight jibe at the whole thing, the team at Cards Against Humanity has revealed their 99 percent off sale. That's right, none of this five percent off malarkey for these guys - nope, they're properly slashing prices. Sort of.

The cheeky sale claims that its usual retail price for the new Absurd Box is $20,000 - but if you buy today, you'll be able to pick it up for just $20. Never mind the fact that they're selling in Target now for 20 dollars, that's not in the spirit of the holiday.

Cards Against Humanity has a 99% off sale.
Cards Against Humanity

As well as its Absurd Box, the company is also promising rolling deals on all sorts of things, such as a $20 bill for 20 cents, a diamond ring for $32.15 and 85-inch Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV worth $3,499 for just $34.99. There was even a 'poncho toilet'.

According to the sales' frequently asked questions all items on sale are legit; under the question: Is this real? It reads: "Yes. All of these products are actually available for 99 percent off, and if you purchase something we will actually ship it to you."

Over on Reddit, people are torn between whether the deals are real or it's all a big joke, with one person writing: "100 percent it's all scam. It won't confirm my address.

"Edit: Scam in the fun way they do it best."

Who wouldn't want a 'poncho toilet'?
Cards Against Humanity

Another wrote: "Looks like they are pulling a Woot-off type thing for Black Friday this year. Selling items for 99 percent off... every 10 minutes. However, it will start at about 11am eastern time. Wonder how many of each they will be selling. For example, the first item looks to be a $20 for 20 cents. Wonder how much shipping will be. Guess we will see.

"That said, they may be messing with us and only sell one $20 bill... and end it."

An email sent out by the company has also promised a car for $97.

The 'sale items' change every 10 minutes.
Cards Against Humanity

This wouldn't be the first time the company has pulled off a weird stunt. On Black Friday back in 2016, the company launched - a website asking people to donate cash to keep a digger working. And so it dug a massive hole for no apparent reason. And people did donate. The stunt pulled in thousands of dollars and duly a hole was dug.

Happy Black Friday.

Featured Image Credit: Cards Against Humanity

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