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CEO Offers Staff A Bonus If They Don't Take Any Sick Days

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CEO Offers Staff A Bonus If They Don't Take Any Sick Days

The CEO of an art gallery who claims that he gives a cash bonus to staff who don't take any sick days throughout the year has received a bit of stick after appearing on Good Morning Britain to explain his reasoning.

James Ryan, the big boss at London's Grove Street Galleries, says that he uses the cash bonus as an incentive to make his staff come into work even if they're feeling a bit under the weather.

Of course, you're entitled to sick pay and time off if you feel well, and that is even more important if you have symptoms of Covid-19.

After all, we're still very much trying to stop that spreading.


Moreover, if you're feeling ill, going into work can not only spread the illnesses but it can also make you more unwell, so sometimes you're simply better off spending the day under your duvet.

Anyway, that's not how Ryan sees it.

The hosts weren't sure about his plans. Credit: ITV
The hosts weren't sure about his plans. Credit: ITV

Speaking from Hertfordshire, he claimed that his staff are more productive now that he has offered them cash to come in every day.


Ryan argued that he wants to 'build the right culture' in his company, and said that people may find themselves 'feeling better' if they come into work.

He did add: "But if they are really unwell, of course, we don't want them to come in, we don't penalise people for not attending, it's more a case of incentivising people and saying, 'Come on, we can get through this'."

Co-host Susanna Reid challenged him, arguing that he was penalising those who get ill.

She said: "If they do take a sick day, they don't get the extra cash boost, so you're making people come to work if they want to get the money,"


When prompted, Ryan argued that sometimes people just attempt to blag a sick day, even if they're not really unwell.

James Ryan said that he wants to 'build the right culture'. Credit: ITV
James Ryan said that he wants to 'build the right culture'. Credit: ITV

He said: "It's fair to say we can all hold our hands up and admit we tried to pull a sickie,

"You get to know people's character, and if they've over-indulged, you know when they trying to put a fast one,


"When it comes to a culture, we have an occupational therapist who comes in and talks to people.

"We've had Ollie Ollerton from SAS: Who Dares Wins come to the office the other day. He was talking about his life experience,

"Obviously, we do not want people in the office that are coughing and splattering everywhere."

"We consider ourselves to be a family here," he added.


"If you look at the education system for example, my son is due to have 97 per cent attendance rate.

"I'm not saying we are teachers, but this is just about following through with that culture as well.

"And again, some people when they get up in the morning and go into work, they do battle on through and they seem to be fine,"

James went on to point out that the company pays a full wage instead of statutory sick pay if staff are unwell, but that didn't stop people from disagreeing with him.

One viewer wrote: "Paying people extra to come into work sick is backwards thinking. We are in a pandemic! Can't believe this attitude."

Another said: "Who is this guy? People get sick sometimes. There's still a pandemic out there but sure get the guy from the SAS in that will help."

However, some did agree with him. One person wrote: "I think the bonus is a great incentive! The lazy gits might actually get up for work."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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Tom Wood
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