Couple Found In Man's Car After His Wife Suspected An Affair

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Couple Found In Man's Car After His Wife Suspected An Affair

A husband who was accused of cheating on his wife after she found a false nail in his car has learned that the truth can sometimes be even stranger than fiction.

Muhannad Kaddour, from Leytonstone, East London, was in the doghouse after his wife found a fake nail in his Lexus RX400 the other day.

She also told him off because his car smelt of weed - even though he has never smoked in his life.

The dad-of-two maintained his innocence and started to look for reasons that the nail could have made its way into his car, and that's when things started to get weird.


After keeping a close eye on the car outside his house he eventually discovered that two people were going to his car, sitting in it, smoking weed, and stealing things that had been left in it.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Kaddour thinks that they were using a hi-tech signal jammer to override his central locking and get in.

He even managed to trap them in there - caught in the act you might think - but the police released them after finding that 'they had done nothing wrong'.


The 32-year-old software developer was understandably a bit upset by this, and begged officers to charge them with something, but to no avail.

He said: "These two scumbags have been getting into my car, stealing my stuff, making it dirty, smoking their drugs in there, and now they are caught they are going to let them go.

"It's like theft is not a crime anymore. There's no point in catching anybody as they just let them go.

"The police don't bother catching the criminals. Then we catch them and the police let them go."


Kaddour thinks that the couple stole his sunglasses, some car gadgets, and even his daughter's book bag.

However, once the coppers got there they found the car was not broken into, so couldn't do anything.

On top of this, he has spent some time fending off questions from his wife about his faithfulness.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

He continued: "My wife was like every woman saying 'what the hell is that doing in there? Who was with you in the car?' and I didn't have any idea.

"She started giving me that look, like 'who the hell have you been with?' Thankfully I have nothing to hide so I wasn't bothered.

"I didn't know who it belonged to. My first assumption was that I had stood on it. I said it must have stuck to my foot and got in the car that way.

"You wouldn't think someone had access to your car. It just doesn't occur to you.


"Then my wife started smelling cannabis in the car too. I said I don't smoke it, I don't know.

"And I had to explain that no one had gotten in my car and smoked either. I said 'perhaps it's some other smell and you're mixing it up'. But I was worried."

One night he noticed something unusual when he tried to lock his car from his house. He went outside to investigate.

"To my shock, I saw two people sat inside the car. I was so shocked I was checking the number plate to check it was my car as they looked so comfortable.

"They had things out on my dashboard, they had a small tin in which they were clearly keeping their cannabis, they had roll up paper. They had money out."


He called the police, but they could find no offence to arrest the pair.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: "Police attended the scene after a man reported he had detained two suspected car thieves.

"However officers were satisfied that there was no evidence of any offences after speaking to them in detail.

"An individual made a complaint and it's being looked into."

Right guys, you look into it. Good work.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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