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Customers Are Complaining About Kylie Jenner's 'See-Through' Swimwear Line

Customers Are Complaining About Kylie Jenner's 'See-Through' Swimwear Line

Kylie Jenner's new range, Kylie Swim, is now out but many folks aren't happy with their products.

Kylie Jenner has been criticised for the 'poor quality' of her swimsuits after customers have been complaining that the fabric is 'see-through' and the garments have 'bad stitching'. You can see one customer's complaint in the video below:

And to make matters worse, they're not cheap, either.

In a clip shared on TikTok, one person even showed how some of the stitching on her swimwear appeared to be unfinished, whilst another said that she feared she'd 'fall out' if she moved whilst wearing it.

Kylie Swim was launched on September 17 and offers four different swimsuits that cost about $80 (£59) and a sarong that comes in at $45 (£33).

Kylie Jenner modeling one of the garments.

After splashing the cash to buy the beachwear, a load of people now aren't happy with what they've got.

In fact, one person said: "I am completely and totally disappointed that this is completely see-through.

"I've seen behind the scenes of what it takes to produce swimwear, and the fact that no one caught this blows my mind.

"For me it comes down to lack of integrity as a business owner and an entrepreneur."

She went on to add: "The fact that they gave this the thumbs up is really concerning to me."

People have complained about the 'poor' quality.

Another person complained that the fabric from which the sarong is made is too heavy, and she was unable to tie it properly without it falling down, which could certainly pose a problem out and about.

Others have expressed their concerns about whether the pieces offer enough coverage, particularly around the more sensitive areas.

One said: "It really doesn't cover anything,

"One sudden move and everything's gonna be out. I would never wear this in public."


Yikes, those are some pretty damning reviews.

Yet more folks have been offering their thoughts on Twitter, with someone even chiming in to ask why on earth she'd release a line of swimwear right at the end of the summer.

It's a fair question, providing you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

You'd have to imagine the Australians are starting to think about this by now.

They wrote: "It baffles me how people like Kylie can literally have a bajillion dollars for a business and the products still be lackluster [sic].

"It has me thinking is she truly hands on or just starting things for fun? Idek. Also, I thought releasing kylie swim in the fall is odd."


So far, Kylie has yet to respond to the criticism. Many of the pieces have sold out, so far, so maybe it's not that big of a deal.

LADbible has reached out to Kylie Swim for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Kylie Swim

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