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Doctors Remove Two Foot Long Charger Cable From Indian Man's Bladder

Doctors Remove Two Foot Long Charger Cable From Indian Man's Bladder

The doctors said they'd never seen anything like it

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Doctors at a hospital in India have been left baffled after discovering a two-foot-long phone charger inside a patient's bladder.

Thirty-year-old Wallie Islam turned up at the hospital last week - 31 May, to be exact - complaining of abdominal pain, but nobody could have imagined that the pain was being caused by an entangled ball of charger cable stuck inside his bladder.

According to the doctors, Islam must have been swallowed or inserted deliberately for 'sexual gratification'.

The X-ray scan is quite something to behold.


Basically, Islam - who is known to have a 'history of accidental ingestion of headphones' turned up feeling a bit peaky last week, and was given a two-day course of laxatives in the hope that it would sort out whatever was going on.

It's fair to say that this problem is slightly larger than a course of laxatives could fix.

Then, doctors decided to take things to the next level and made a small incision into his gastrointestinal tract for further exploration.

Upon further investigation they realised that the problems were being caused by a 61cm-long lead, which they'd then have to perform surgery in order to remove.

So, the team of five medics performed a 45-minute surgery at the Guwahati hospital in the north of India to get the lead out of him.


What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon, eh?

As you can probably imagine, this was a new one for even the experienced medical professionals that were present.

In fact, one said that he's never seen such a thing in his 25-year medical career.

He explained: "We gave him laxative for two days as we did not want to do surgery immediately.

"The patient's stool was examined, but nothing came out.

"We decided to do a small incision and check the gastrointestinal tract.

"He might have been uncomfortable while telling us the truth, which led to us searching in the gastrointestinal tract.

"Though I'm not exactly sure about his mental health, some people do things for sexual gratification, but this man took things a little too far."


Well, you would be uncomfortable in that situation, wouldn't you? How do you own up to something like this?

Anyway, despite the fact that he had to have some surgery that he otherwise wouldn't have needed, Islam then spent three days in hospital before he got sent home.

Let's hope that he learned a lesson, at the very least.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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