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Firework Display On New Skyscraper Looks Like Ejaculating Penis

Firework Display On New Skyscraper Looks Like Ejaculating Penis

What were they thinking?

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A new skyscraper has been raising a few eyebrows in China, because... well, have a look:

Yeah, can't really see how that got signed off, can you?

The Guangxi New Media Centre opened last month after two years were spent on its construction in the region of Guangxi in south-eastern China, bordering with Vietnam.

The fancy new building was used in a firework display to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, and aeriel shots caught the moment fireworks erupted from the top of it.

The building, which was already being heavily criticised for looking look a cock and balls, took an even filthier turn when the fireworks began out the top, reminiscent of...well, you don't need me to tell you what it looked like, you gang of dirty tickets.

If it looked slightly less penisy, it would be quite beautiful wouldn't it? Sadly, as the building pulsates from pink to blue, before heart shapes explode into the sky, most people couldn't help but think the whole idea was a massive cock-up. (Sorry, I couldn't not make that joke).

What was the architect thinking? In fact, let's not dwell on that.
Asia Wire

After footage of the display went online, it wasn't long before social media users jumped in to take the piss, with one saying: "Maybe it should be called Dick Towers?"

Another added that it looked like 'a zebra-striped bong' - what have you been smoking, mate? On second thoughts, don't tell me.

While a third chimed into say that he didn't believe the design was accidental.

China is home to many wonderful buildings, such as the Liebian Building, which has a 350ft waterfall jammed on the side, but it's also had a few howlers, such as this university building which looks like a massive toilet.

In 2016, after a Chinese airport was slammed for looking like a vulva - who wouldn't want to fly from that? - officials brought in new guidelines banning 'odd-shaped buildings'. According to a state media report: "Bizarre architecture that is not economical, functional, aesthetically pleasing, or environmentally friendly will be forbidden."

The new guidelines included threats of 'harsh punishments' for anyone falling foul of the rules. So, it looks like whoever is behind The Guangxi New Media Centre should start to feel a bit twitchy.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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