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Friday Night Dinner Creator Robert Popper Leaves Bizarre Shopping Lists In Trolleys

Friday Night Dinner Creator Robert Popper Leaves Bizarre Shopping Lists In Trolleys

The writer likes to surprise fellow shoppers with his weird assortments of items

Doing the weekly big shop isn't the most exciting of chores, is it? You go in, try to avoid getting too close to strangers, pick up your items, and leave. That's it.

But for Robert Popper, the creator of Friday Night Dinner, it's become something of a sport - a challenge to give his fellow shoppers something to think, and probably, worry about.

The 53-year-old has taken to leaving very weird shopping lists in his trolley for other people to find.

For example, one of his latest includes items like 'non-drinking bleach', 'three industrial-strength pears', and 'vagina lemons'.

Think you'll struggle to find those in Aldi's Specialbuys.

While in another, he claimed to have been searching high and low for some 'beef stock cubes (for toilet)', 'hamster eggs (1/2 dozen)', an 'angry mirror' and 'pig oil', the latter of which I'm particularly perturbed by for some reason.

And even these aren't the most bizarre ones.

Previous lists have seen him on the hunt for 'six magnificent bananas', some 'socks for crab', a 'device for scratching pedestrians', 'teabags for hostage', 'earwax paste (bbq flavour)', 'bosom magazines' and, obviously, some 'penis powder'.

This all begs the question: why?

Well, the only reason that Popper has offered was in response to a follower who commented on one of his lists, which included items like 'coffee apples' and 'keys to the city of Bradford'.

The fan said: "That was left there to f**k with someone."

To which the writer replied: "Yes. By me." Which is as good a reason as any, I guess, isn't it?

But people online have loved the humorous lists, with many commenting to share their own experiences with weird items.

One follower said: "If I found that list, I'd be laughing so hard I'd never make it past the dairy section without crumpling to the floor."

Another joked: "Oh no, did I leave my list in the trolley again? And when I got home, I realised I'd only picked up 149,999 cherries."

While a third added: "Cried laughing at Bosom Magazines. Excellent work."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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