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Here's What Flat Earthers Think Causes This Evening's Super Snow Moon

Tom Wood

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Here's What Flat Earthers Think Causes This Evening's Super Snow Moon

Featured Image Credit: PA

Tonight, the 'Super Snow Moon' will appear in the skies to dazzle us with the brightest and biggest full moon so far this year.

For most of us, this will be an excuse to observe the heavens with wonder and marvel at the vastness of space and the bodies that hang delicately therein - for most of us, anyway.

Those of us who believe the Earth is a ball that spins around an axis in space, orbiting within our solar system, which in turn is sitting 'on an unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy' (thanks, Douglas Adams) will gaze in awe at tonight's events without question or suspicion.

However, there are those who refuse to accept that theory. I'm talking - of course - about Flat Earthers.


Now, it's worth pointing out at this point that there are many different schools of thought within the Flat Earth communities. They all share one common tenet, though: that the Earth is a flat and motionless plane, rather than a ball.

In anticipation of this evening's super moon, we spoke to some members of that community to get their take. We asked questions such as 'what causes the Super Moon?' and 'how does the Moon work on a flat Earth?'.

Hell, we even asked 'what is the Moon?'

'These moons, are very small. Those, are far away...' Credit: PA
'These moons, are very small. Those, are far away...' Credit: PA

We were met with large amounts of derision, no small amount (perhaps 'the correct amount') of mistrust, and a whole load of absolutely baffling YouTube videos that talk about Babylonian scrolls.

If this is the truth that is being hidden from us, they're doing a damn good job of protecting it.

Either way, this is what we learned.

One prominent Flat Earther that we asked - who will remain anonymous but has written many books on the subject - introduced us to the theory of 'atmospheric lensing'.

That is, after suggesting that a "half-decent researcher [we] would already know for a fact that Earth is a level motionless plane, and understand that it is globites who are the 'believers' in something against all evidence, experiments, experience and common sense."

You be the judge.

From one of the YouTube videos, the theory of atmospheric lensing suggests that the Earth and Moon are still motionless but appear closer at certain times.

Moon = motionless. Plane = moving. Or is it? Credit: PA
Moon = motionless. Plane = moving. Or is it? Credit: PA

The video suggests: "When light shines through a dense medium, it appears larger or rather gives a greater glare at a given distance than when it is seen through a lighter medium. This is more remarkable when the medium holds aqueous particles or vapour in solution, as in a damp or foggy atmosphere."

Hang on, that actually makes a lot of sense. Perhaps because it is a real thing - that's how heat haze happens on a road in heat.


However, this theory, as it applies to the Moon and Sun, discounts the fact that 'mainstream' science and astronomy tell us that they both move across our skies. Under the (or some of the) Flat Earth theory, the Moon simply seems to move across the sky. It is, in fact, motionless.

Still there? Well done, if so.

Remember, this is just one of the theories that the Flat Earth community have going on out there. When we spoke to others, we heard things like: "The media gives the Moon so many names, but it is just a moon.

"Putting titles to it doesn't change its size or distance from earth. It's getting higher in the sky as the season begins to change and that's why it looks bigger."

The 'Super Snow Moon'. Credit: PA
The 'Super Snow Moon'. Credit: PA

Doesn't really answer the question, but OK.

We also heard: "A lot of people will [say] the Moon doesn't exist...I have no opinion of the Moon."

I see...

Whatever you do tonight, and whether you think it is caused by atmospheric lensing, the Moon reaching it's seasonal perigee, or you simply have no opinion on the Moon, enjoy the show.

Topics: Science, Interesting, Nasa, Weird, space

Tom Wood
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