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IKEA Store Accidentally Plays Adult Movie On Big Screen

IKEA Store Accidentally Plays Adult Movie On Big Screen

IKEA is the go-to place if you're looking for a bookcase, lamp, delicious meatballs or a fight with your other half, what you might not expect is to see pornography on a big screen, but that's exactly what a bunch of customers at a Hong Kong store saw earlier this week.

The Causeway Bay branch accidentally - well, I assume accidentally - displayed a video of a man carrying out a solo sex-act on its outside screen while shocked shoppers looked on.


In a short clip shared with Apple Daily, a female employee can be seen desperately trying to cover the screen with a towel. Still, at least there's plenty of towels lying around, being IKEA.

The clip played for three minutes before it was stopped when someone pulled the plug on the telly.

According to local reports, children were 'scared' by what they saw on the screen...and I'm sure the adults weren't best pleased, either.

One customer, named Chan, told Apple Daily: "It's a public holiday today, there were lots of people in the area, and it scared a lot of the children walking by."


A spokeswoman from the Hong Kong store told the Daily Mail she was 'sorry about the incident' and said an investigation was now being conducted into how it happened.

This isn't the first time someone's managed to accidentally share porn with the unsuspecting public.

In November, footage of a lecturer scrambling to switch off a pornographic film which appeared on the big screen behind went viral.

In the clip, shared by LiveLeak, the teacher accidentally began playing the wrong video on his laptop - which was also beamed onto the wall behind via a projector - awkward that, eh?

The shocked students start laughing, with some hiding behind their text books. Initially the teacher appears to leave the classroom before realising what's going on and rushing over to his laptop to shut the video down.

God, it's painful to watch, isn't it? Just close the laptop down, mate.

If sharing a clip of porn wasn't quite embarrassing enough for the poor teacher, the video has since gone viral and has been viewed over 50,000 times. Good luck ever living that one down, mate.

Featured Image Credit: Apple Daily

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