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Kid Wins Mercedes After Doing Press Ups For Over Two Hours

Kid Wins Mercedes After Doing Press Ups For Over Two Hours

He was gifted the car for his herculean effort

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Hope you're ready for just about the weirdest story you'll read all day - because a five-year-old boy has been handed a brand-new Mercedes after he somehow, inexplicable, managed to do 4,105 press-ups without stopping. See, I told you it was weird.

Little Rakhim Kurayev was handed the keys to the white Merc by Ramzan Kadyrov - a close lieutenant to Russian president Vladmir Putin - after he was able to power through two hours and 25-minutes of press-ups.

Now the little dude, nick-named the 'Chechen Schwarzenegger' for obvious reasons, is going to attempt to repeat the mind-boggling feat to try and bag himself a world record - because a brand-new Mercedes he's not old to drive isn't prize enough, apparently.

According to local reports, Kadyrov told the eerily hench child: "Let your father drive you around in this, you're worth of riding a white Mercedes."

Rakhim Kurayev.

The paper also reports that it's not yet known if public funds paid for the cost of the car, which is said to be worth around £28,000, or if Kadyrov put his hands in his pockets for the prize.

The precocious boy had told Putin's pal that he could do over 5,000 press-ups in one go.

Kadyrov added: "The boy did the impossible. We agreed to meet at a fitness centre and have a workout together."

Speaking about the car, he said: "From now on his father will be able to drive the boy to workouts without hiring a taxi."

The number of press-up is apparently enough to smash a world record but because officials weren't happy with the quality of the video. Well, you know what you've got to do now, mate - prove them all wrong.

The Chechen Schwarzenegger is oddly reminiscent of 'Little Hercules' - real name Richard Sandrak - who won the bizarre and, let's be honest slightly creepy, title of World's Strongest Boy back in the early 2000s.

Aged eight this little fella could bench press 210lbs. A documentary about Sandrak and his parents - a martial artist dad and aerobic instructor mum - was hit with a fair bit of criticism with many saying a kid so young shouldn't be pushing himself to those limits.

'Little Hercules' won the title of World's Strongest Boy.
World's Strongest Boy

Anyway, when a news outlet caught up with him a couple of years back, our man Little Hercules was doing well and looked healthy, albeit less ripped. So, no harm done, eh?

Featured Image Credit: East2West

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