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Man Enjoys Picnic At Top Of 60ft Tree

Man Enjoys Picnic At Top Of 60ft Tree

A man was spotted enjoying a picnic at the top of a 60 foot tree in a park in Bath. Check out the video here:

The man was caught on camera by a group of friends who were spending an afternoon together in a local park when one of them spotted the bizarre sight.

He could be seen precariously balancing on some extremely flimsy looking branches and he was moving an object to his face - which looks like a sandwich.


Dai Barrow, a 33-year-old customer support manager from Bath, filmed the incident, joking that it was social distancing at its best.

In the footage, he can be heard saying: "How did he get up there?"

"I think he has binoculars too. Social distancing at its best.

"Just having a little picnic at the top of the tree. What a lad."

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And five days later, Dai is still unsure about what it was that he witnessed in the park.

Speaking to LADbible, Dai said: "It was Wednesday evening in Royal Victoria Park in Bath.

"I'm not sure anyone [else] could see him, but my friend Vanessa spotted him whilst we were enjoying a few drinks."

In the video, the man can be seen casually chilling at the top of massive tree, eating some snacks while he did.


Dai said: "I had to get a video of it. No one in the park seemed to bat an eyelid! We have no idea how he got up there, and we didn't stick around to see him get down."

It's not known what the man was doing, who he is or WTF he was doing at the top of a huge tree, but he certainly seemed very relaxed about the situation, which just the sight of is enough to give most people the willies.

Dai added: "He seemed so comfortable up there, I'm sure he's a pro climber or something similar."

Featured Image Credit: Dai Barrow

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