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Man Forced To Have Penis Surgery After Incredibly Painful 36-Hour Erection

Man Forced To Have Penis Surgery After Incredibly Painful 36-Hour Erection

Elliott Rossiter was left in extreme pain when the erection wouldn't subside

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A 41-year-old man was left with a painful erection for 36 hours after he stopped taking painkillers.

Elliott Rossiter, from Bristol, was in such extreme pain that he needed to have surgery to sort the problem out.

It all began back in October 2016 when Elliott took a trip over to France to visit an old school friend, Jenny.

Whilst staying over in Nice with his friend, Elliott was also recovering from an addiction to painkillers. He'd been taking morphine sulphate, oxycodone, and codeine for around four years after a skiing accident.

However, during his stay in France, he claims that he 'just got an erection' which then wouldn't subside.


Rossiter said: "We were all just sat around and it just came on. I tried to get rid of it but couldn't.

"I just got an erection. It wasn't sexual in any way at all and I wasn't feeling aroused.

"I've never had a problem like this before, maybe it was because I was surrounded by so much female energy.

"I had to tell Jenny but it was really embarrassing. It was much bigger than a normal erection.

"I had only been there for about 90 minutes and it just appeared. I tried to relieve myself in the usual way but I couldn't get rid of it."


That continued for 19 hours. Eventually, he had to go to the doctors. The GP in France gave him two injections aimed at getting his erection to go away, but it soon became clear that he'd need hospital treatment.

Professionals at the Hospital Pasteur diagnosed him with a priapism, which can sometimes occur when men take medicines.

If left untreated it can be incredibly dangerous as no oxygen gets to the penis, meaning it can begin to destroy or damage the tissue.


The treatment isn't pleasant either.

The blood pools in the muscle, meaning that a small hole must be drilled so that the penis can be drained.

That left Elliott 'terrified'. Quite understandably, too.

Luckily, the surgery was a success and - apart from two small scars - his penis is back in action as normal.


However, he's been left 'scared to death' to get an erection, in case it won't go away again.

He continued: "I was terrified to get one to begin with. I was definitely scared.

"But I was so relieved when I found out it was working as it should.

"I have never experienced anything like it and I don't want to ever again."

We hear you, Elliott.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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