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Man Gives Incredibly Bizarre Interview After Getting Arrested For Stealing A Fire Service Vehicle

Man Gives Incredibly Bizarre Interview After Getting Arrested For Stealing A Fire Service Vehicle

Jeffrey McCants Jr. decided to tell reporters why he'd taken the fire vehicle from a station in Pritchard, Alabama

A man has gone viral after giving a bizarre interview to the waiting media as he was escorted to a police car. Watch below - seriously, it's worth your time:

Jeffrey McCants Jr. - remember the name - stands accused of stealing a fire service car on Wednesday from a station in Pritchard, Alabama.

Before we get to that, let's discuss the content of his incredible and revealing interview.

As he and his co-defendant were led to the police vehicle, McCants announced that he'd be running to become mayor of Mobile, Alabama, before hitting on one of the TV reporters, then telling everyone who'd listen that God told him to steal the fire car.

He later claimed that he stole it because he needed to get some fuel for his own car.

All in all, it's an entertaining story. The moral, in the end, is not to steal emergency vehicles for any reason, no matter how desperate you are.

McCants (allegedly) on the fire station CCTV.

When asked why he took the car, McCants said: "I took it because God told me too and guess what? God help me do everything. I steal everything. I'll steal ya heart, baby."

That comment was aimed at the aforementioned reporter that he'd taken a shine to.

Upon leaving the station, he'd shouted: "Hello! My name is Jeffrey McCants and I'm running for mayor of Mobile, Alabama, baby!"

He later added: "I had to do it because God helps me do everything, good and bad. He helped me get away from the police, but not this time."

Then, he even tried to exonerate his friend, who was less entertaining, but maintained his innocence - a claim which was backed up by his mate Jeffrey, who repeatedly said: "He ain't steal s***."

Even the police officers seemed to be amused by Jeffrey's antics. Maybe he does have a career in politics after all?

In another interview, McCants said: "It had the keys in it.

"I needed some gas so therefore I took the car, I had to. It was the only way to get gas.

"It said, 'Hey man, you'll get there faster if you take me,' so I said, 'OK car, imma take it.' So I took it and I washed it. I washed the car!"

Eventually, the car was discovered parked in a lot underneath a tree. The police believe it overheated.

McCants friend as they were getting into the police car.

We've no evidence to back up the claims that he got it washed, but let's just assume that didn't happen.

McCants was then arrested at gunpoint while in another car that had been reported as stolen, in the same car park.

Pritchard Mayor Jimmy Gardner said the fire vehicle's equipment was found in the trunk of the other stolen car.

Gardner said: "So they weren't just going to get gas and they weren't borrowing a vehicle. That's theft and we are charging them."

McCants has been charged with theft, receiving stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and marijuana.

The driver of the stolen car, Mr Henry Dixon, has been charged with theft and burglary.

Featured Image Credit: FOX10

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