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Man Licks Slimy Sea Creature He Finds On Beach For TikTok Video


Man Licks Slimy Sea Creature He Finds On Beach For TikTok Video

A man picked up a slimy, potentially deadly sea creature that he found on a beach and licked it for a TikTok video, unaware that it was actually pretty deadly. Watch the clip below, as another TikToker explains why he shouldn't have done that:


The creature is actually a Portuguese man o' war, which are similar to jellyfish, but have a balloon-like float.

They are also known as 'floating terrors' - a name that doesn't sound particularly appealing.


In the clip, the TikToker films himself approaching the sea creature, which is washed up on the beach. It has a transparent float, with long tentacles.

He says: "Look guys, a jellyfish is still here.

"I'm going to pick it up."

As if that's not odd enough, he goes on to pinch it between his fingers, saying: "This is how it looks like. Yes, it's a jellyfish, look how big it is. And it's still moving."

Credit: TikTok/Mndiaye_97
Credit: TikTok/Mndiaye_97

And then, for some unknown reason, he adds: "Oh my god, I'm going to lick it."

At this point, another TikToker cuts into the clip, explaining why it might not be the best idea to lick random washed-up sea creatures you find on the beach - especially this one.

TikTok user Mndiaye_97, who regularly posts about nature on his account, said: "It's a species of siphonophore armed with millions of explosive stinging cells powerful enough to make Nemo an orphan and occasionally turn a person into past tense.


"The man o' war is responsible for up to 10,000 stings a year in Australia alone and the venom can cause excruciating pain for up to three days, leaving a nasty, whip-like welt as a souvenir.

"But honestly, you're lucky if that's all you get because the venom can trigger an allergic-like reaction that results in throat-swelling, heart issues and difficulty breathing, as you suffocate, possibly to death.

"And fun fact: not only can they write your obituary, even tentacles that have been separated from its body contain enough venom to incapacitate you.

Credit: TikTok/Mndiaye_97
Credit: TikTok/Mndiaye_97

"Getting stung by a man o' war is nowhere near a death sentence.

"Most of the time if treated quickly, it's very survivable.

"But even though being put in a coffin by one is rare, the agonising pain that comes with it might make you wish it wasn't."

He ends by questioning why the first TikToker would pick it up and lick it, suggesting he either didn't know any better or is stuck in a horrible marriage, adding: "Either way, someone should check on him."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

Topics: Viral, Weird, TikTok

Amelia Ward
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