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Man On Stag Do Bit Pigeon's Head Off Outside Wetherspoon Pub

Man On Stag Do Bit Pigeon's Head Off Outside Wetherspoon Pub

The man then kept the head as a souvenir

Horrified members of the public looked on aghast as a man on a stag do bit the head off a pigeon outside of a pub in Devon.

The incident took place outside The Jolie Brise in Teignmouth and saw the man use his teeth to completely sever the birds head from its tiny little bird body.

Oh, and to make matters worse - the man then kept the head as a souvenir afterwards.

This pound shop Ozzy Osborne was presumably up to his neck in 'stag bantz' when he committed this horrendous and frankly unhygienic act.

Just think about what you could catch from wrapping your mouth around a dead pigeon.

The exterior of The Jolie Brise in Teignmouth, Devon.
JD Wetherspoon

Seriously, imagine biting the head off anything you found on the floor across the road from a pub, let alone a bird that had been dead for a completely unspecified and unknown amount of time.

The mind boggles.

He might have been showing off for his mates on the stag, which consisted of a tour of pubs in the lovely coastal town, but succeeded only in grossing out everyone present.

JD Wetherspoon staff called the police and have since confirmed that the incident definitely did happen.

However, Wetherspoon was quick to add that the incident itself did not take place on the premises. Understandably.

A pigeon (not that one) cowers in fear.

The chain told Devin Live that one of the party discovered a dead pigeon on the other side of the road and then simply bit its head clean off.

Wetherspoon spokesperson Eddie Gershon said: "A stag party were in the pub. One of the group found the dead pigeon on the opposite side of the road to the pub.

"One of the men bit its head off, threw the body away and took the head.

"One of the staff reported it to the police and the police caught up with the group in another pub.

"The incident did not happen in The Jolie Brise.

"The remains of the bird were found by staff and disposed of."

News of their fallen comrade filters through to the pigeon community.

A shocked bystander added: "It's disgusting.

"People who were in The Jolie Brise heard that the man had bit the pigeon's head off - they thought the pigeon must have flown into the upstairs bar outside seating area.

"The staff were clearing it up."

Disgusting? It sure is.

We've reached out to Devon and Cornwall Police for comment.

Featured Image Credit: JD Wetherspoon

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