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Man Shocked After Finding Huge Argos Sign Outside His House

Man Shocked After Finding Huge Argos Sign Outside His House

He says he has no idea how it got there, but he plans to keep it

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A sign from a closed down Argos store in Grimsby has been treated to a trip around the town before finding a new home on the side of someone's house - much to the surprise of the resident.

The sign was removed from the store and placed outside the Town Hall, where it was spotted by passers-by at around 8.20pm.

But this morning, there was no sign of it outside the Town Hall and no witnesses admitted to seeing it move.

MEN Media

It was then spotted later on, attached to the outside of a house in the West Marsh area.

It soon moved again to the side of a property in Haycroft Street near the junction with Lord Street, and the person who lives hasn't got a clue how it arrived.

Andy, who lives at the property, said: "I think someone has put it here as a bit of a joke, we have some banter with the neighbours, one of my friends sent me a video of someone attaching it to the house last night.

"I've got no idea how they got it down or if they were even the ones that took it off the wall in the first place to be honest."

Fortunately, he's seen the funny side of the whole weird situation.

He added: "I'm keeping it up though I think, it is a bit funny isn't it? I might just treat it as a bit of a late Christmas present, I'll have to set up my own click and collect."

Andy went on to say that he's got no plans to get rid of it, despite the fact it blocks part of his door and makes getting in and out of his property more difficult.

Ah, well, what's a bit of inconvenience if it means having your very own Argos sign, eh?

Other residents in the street also thought it was a bit of a laugh, but are equally as baffled about how it got there.

MEN Media

The sign came from a store on Victoria Street in Grimsby, which was initially closed down due to the coronavirus lockdown. Argos owner Sainsbury's has since confirmed the store won't be reopening.

In November, Sainsbury's announced it would be closing 420 Argos stores by March 2024.

Simon Roberts, Sainsbury's chief executive said: "We are talking to colleagues today about where the changes we are announcing in Argos standalone stores and food counters impact their roles.

"We will work really hard to find alternative roles for as many of these colleagues as possible and expect to be able to offer alternative roles for the majority of impacted colleagues."

Featured Image Credit: MEN Media

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