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Mexican Cartel Worker Accused Of Dissolving Hundreds Of Bodies In Acid

Mexican Cartel Worker Accused Of Dissolving Hundreds Of Bodies In Acid

He's been in prison for close to a decade but police continue to unearth human remains in a place called the Chicken Coop

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

When your nickname is 'The Stew Maker' and you're working with a Mexican drug cartel, not a soup kitchen, you know you've probably got a pretty murky job description.

Well, it seems as though Santiago Meza Lopez aka 'El Pozolero' had a pretty fucked job before he was captured by Mexican police.

Santiago Meza Lopez, aka 'El Pozolero'.
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He was attached to the infamous Tijuana cartel, a syndicate that deals in trafficking multi-ton quantities of cocaine and marijuana as well as meth and heroin. They also deal in money laundering, people and arms smuggling, bribery and murder.

Lopez was arrested in 2009 but is still yet to be sentenced.

Five years after he was taken into custody, authorities began digging in an area in Tijuana known as the Chicken Coop and were shocked when they found a mass grave. After careful excavation, they found upward of 200 kilograms of human bones and they reckon the Stew Maker was responsible for getting rid of hundreds of victims.


The President of the United for the Disappeared of Baja California association, Fernando Ocegueda Flores, told reporters: "These are the those [bodies] we bagged on the last occasion. There are almost complete bodies.

"Of the 16,500 litres of organic material, the Federal Attorney General's Office said that there could be up to 650 bodies."

According to Vice News, Lopez was roped into the whole operation under rather mysterious pretences.

He was looking after horses and doing masonry work for the cartel in 1996 when he was approached to observe an 'experiment'. He watched as cartel workers dropped a leg of meat into a vat of acid and water and sure enough after two hours it was gone.

Lopez told authorities: "It was probably about six months later that they called me again and Efraín told me that now they were going to experiment with human flesh. 'I'm going to send some guys to train with you'. In other words, [so] that they learn the job."

The Stew Maker says he didn't actually want to partake in this grisly venture, but it's pretty hard to say no in a drug cartel.

"We put the barrels in the pick-up and took them to throw them [away] in the canyon. It was still dark when we threw them in," Lopez said.

"It was the devil to move them (the human remains) because they weighed a lot. After everything was cleaned up, we stored the barrels. We also washed the drain with hot water because the remains stuck to the pipes."


His lawyers have successfully been able to keep delaying his court process and in the time he's spent imprisoned he's reportedly learned how to write.

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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