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More Men Than Ever Are Having Surgery To Make Themselves Taller

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

More Men Than Ever Are Having Surgery To Make Themselves Taller

Vertically-challenged men are spending a load of money on various treatments and even surgery to boost their height, according to a top doctor.

If you search the internet, you'll find a whole plethora of potions and mechanisms to extend various parts of the body, but men trying to extend their height is a big one.

After they've tried the special discreet shoe inserts, and the growth pills - which are obviously nonsense - one doctor reckons that more and more men are resorting to going under the knife to lengthen their limbs.

For example, 30 men travelled to Las Vegas in 2019 to place called The LimbPlastX Institute, which is a medical practise that specialises in limb-lengthening surgery.

The aim is to add up to six inches onto your height whilst not putting you through ridiculously invasive surgery. It's a bold claim, and it's gonna cost you.

Of course, it's dependent on the individual patient, but it can be more than $75,000 (£57,180).

Even once the cost is factored in, Dr Kevin Debiparshad - who works at the clinic - told The Mirror that the number of men wanting to add inches to themselves is on the rise.

Dr Kevin Debiparshad. Credit: LimbPlastX
Dr Kevin Debiparshad. Credit: LimbPlastX

He said: "Over 90 percent of my patients, including those who have consulted with me, are male. Most on average are about 5'6 seeking a height increase of 3 inches.

"The desire to appear taller, particularly for men, has always been a hot topic in modern day society and social norms.

"While that is certainly a driver in the popularity to increase their height, reasons for cosmetic limb-lengthening vary, ranging from a boost in self-confidence to improved physical capabilities - all of which change lives."

So, what does it all entail?

Basically, the surgery involves making an incision into the leg bones and inserting a stretching device. It takes about 1.5 hours in total.

The good doctor continued: "We cut the leg bones - either femur (upper leg bone) or tibia (lower leg bone) - and insert a device that slowly stretches them out which makes you taller permanently.

"As far as the procedure goes, it's an x-ray based surgery where I make 4-6 tiny small incisions into the leg (either thigh bone or lower leg bone) creating a window, to gain access to the hollow part of the bone, where I insert a device that responds to an external remote control that the patient will control at home.

"Once the device is set, I place screws at the top and bottom of the device to lock into position. This is done on each leg.

"Post-surgery, the external remote control is used by the patient to non-invasively increase their height by 1mm per day at the touch of a button, slowly stretching the legs to increase their height."

Credit: LimbPlastX
Credit: LimbPlastX

Dr Debiparshad claims that the surgery is largely painless, but there are still risks attached to it, even if they are quite small.

He added: "Some risk does exist; however, the most innovative and advanced techniques available today greatly reduce patient complications.

"Risk of infection or transfusion, similar to any other type of surgical procedure, and specific to this surgery, the bone may heal too quickly, not fast enough or you could experience muscle tightening.

"Additionally, you could lose some athletic ability to get to that end stage. You can run and go to the gym, but you might not be able to sprint 100 meters in nine seconds with your newfound stature."

If you've got the cash there, and are that bothered about it, this is probably the best way to get results. If not, maybe just buy a pair of Dr. Martens or something?

That way, even if someone does call you a short arse, you can kick their head in.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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Tom Wood
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