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Mum Spots Mysterious Figure Lurking In The Back Of Her TikTok Video

Mum Spots Mysterious Figure Lurking In The Back Of Her TikTok Video

The 33-year-old mum-of-two thought she was on her own in the video until her friend pointed out the shadowy figure

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A mum-of-two has been given the fright of her life after she shared a video on TikTok and her mate pointed out an unidentified figure standing behind her.

Kayleigh Corby, from Merseyside, filmed the video whilst her children were asleep in the house, she told the Liverpool Echo.

That means that the 33-year-old didn't think anyone else was in the room until her mate asked who it was that was standing behind her.

Terrifying stuff, if you thought you were alone.

When she then returned to watch the video again, Kayleigh spotted what appears to be a person's silhouette standing over her right shoulder, illuminated by the light coming out of another room in the house.

Speaking to the Echo, she explained: "I was in my kitchen last night, I was doing a TikTok.

"I sent it to my friend and he said to me 'there's a figure behind you, who's that behind you?' So I looked on the recording and it was there."

Now, she says that she's afraid to be in the house on her own, and has invited her parents over to stay with her and the two kids - who are aged six and seven - so that they know they are safe.

She added: "[It made me] speechless to be honest. My mum and dad had to come up here last night at about 12 o'clock to stay with me.

"My dad wouldn't leave me on my own because I've got kids in the house.

"I just felt horrible, not relaxed. I just felt scared. It's like someone is behind me watching me."

Just in case you didn't spot it.
Liverpool Echo

The figure didn't pass by unnoticed by the folks who watched the TikTok video, either.

One of them wrote: "Wow that's so spooky."

Kayleigh herself commented: "Am not posting anything again cos it [scared] me."

Yep, imagine having to continue living in a house where you spotted a mysterious figure when you thought that you were alone.

It's like something out of a ghost story. Well, a ghost story for the TikTok generation, at least.

Surely it's only a matter of time before someone pitches that idea to the film companies, right?

Either way, at the time of reporting, Kayleigh has yet to report the strange and unnerving incident to the police.

To be fair, what would you even say to them? What can the coppers do about mysterious shadowy figures lurking around in the background of TikTok videos anyway?

Featured Image Credit: Liverpool Echo

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