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Protesters Exercise Outside Courthouse Calling For Gyms To Reopen

Protesters Exercise Outside Courthouse Calling For Gyms To Reopen

They wanted to prove they needed the gyms to be opened up by exercising outside

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A group of protesters have gathered outside a Florida courthouse to call for gyms to open up again amid the coronavirus pandemic - with some putting down their banners and exercising in the street. Watch the bizarre scenes in the footage below:

The government building in Clearwater saw the group of about 30 gym-goers waving their signs around outside, with some of them even dropping and giving us 20 to illustrate just how much they need the gym to reopen. Makes sense, eh?

Gyms have been widely accepted as potential breeding grounds for the virus, with them being enclosed spaces that involve lots of people using the same equipment.

But this hasn't stopped the group from gathering outside the Pinellas County courthouse on Monday morning (11 May) to demonstrate the statewide order that meant that all gyms must close, as reported by WFLA.

One person on Twitter commented: "Working out to protest that you can't work out is the most Florida thing I've seen this week."


Another added: "And they're trying to prove what, exactly? Open the gyms so we can do the exercises we're doing right here on the sidewalk?"

A third tweeted: "This is a deeply weird protest - 'let us inside! To do the thing we are doing outside! In nice weather, which is why we live in Florida!'"

Polls suggest the vast majority of Americans are behind the need to social distance and stay at home during the Covid-19 outbreak; however, plenty of protests have occurred around the United States.

One such protest in Colorado was actually blocked by medical workers, as drivers gathered to call for an end to the state's lockdown restrictions.

Like many other regions in the world, people in Colorado are being advised to stay at home. Showing their support for the lockdown, the two medics - dressed in scrubs and N95 masks - could be seen blocking the procession of motorists who were beeping their horns outside the State Capitol building, hoping to challenge the rules.

Featured Image Credit: WFLA News

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