Reddit User Claims Ted Bundy's Girlfriend Lived In Their Grandparents' House


Reddit User Claims Ted Bundy's Girlfriend Lived In Their Grandparents' House

A person on Reddit claims to have discovered that their grandmother lives in the house that was once frequented by a girlfriend of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy.

If you take a look at the picture they've shared as their proof of this fact, it's hard to disagree that the houses look incredibly similar.

Perhaps some things about the house have changed over the years, but the fireplace looks almost identical, right down to the grate above it.

Sure, it could be a coincidence, but - then again - maybe not. They must have lived somewhere, right?


The post simply reads 'Ted Bundy dated someone who used to live in my grandparents' house' and shows a fireplace, with a picture held up in front.

Ted Bundy in front of the fireplace, then the fireplace now. Credit: Reddit
Ted Bundy in front of the fireplace, then the fireplace now. Credit: Reddit

The picture in the foreground shows Ted Bundy - who killed at least 30 people between 1974 and 1978 - alongside a woman who is presumed to be Elizabeth Kloepfer.

She was Bundy's girlfriend throughout the period of many of his crimes, and even reported him to the police when she recognised his face from a composite sketch.


However, the police didn't get him then, because they were receiving a high volume of tips regarding potential suspects for his crimes.

Later on, Kloepfer reported Bundy a second time when she realised that women had been disappearing near to Salt Lake City, Utah.

That's not far from where the pair lived, and where this house on Reddit - presumably - still stands to this day.

Again, it failed. A witness could not identify Bundy in a line-up.


He was allowed to continue his campaign of killing beyond that.

It gets worse. Robert Keppel - a detective who was contacted by Bundy, offering his 'experience' in serial killer psychology to help catch the Green River Killer [Gary Ridgway] - says Bundy even burned the head of one of his victims in Kloepfer's fireplace before ditching the body on a mountain.

In his book, Keppel said Bundy told him: "Of all the things I did to [Kloepfer], this is probably the one she is least likely to forgive me for. Poor Liz."

Bundy was eventually executed on 24 January 1989.


In the comments underneath the original Reddit post, many seemed convinced that this house must have belonged to Kloepfer.

One person wrote: "That's not 'someone'. That's THE one. He dated Liz for a majority of his active years."

Ted Bundy's mugshot. Credit: PA
Ted Bundy's mugshot. Credit: PA

Another added: "Right. And wasn't he with Liz when he said he'd burned some body parts of a victim in a fireplace? Could this be THE fireplace?"


Well, there are answers to be had. The original poster came back to explain at least how they came to be in the house.

They said: "The house was built for a doctor and his family who turned out to be Liz. Liz dated Teddy for a good part of his active years and they broke up when he got arrested and had to leave the state I believe.

"My family bought the house a few years ago with zero relation to 'ol Teddy. Just crazy coincidence!"

Either way, it's definitely one to tell guests when they come around.

Perhaps not, actually.

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