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Shadowy Figure Filmed Moving Down Deserted Street

Shadowy Figure Filmed Moving Down Deserted Street

A creepy figure that appears to be walking down a street has been captured by a CCTV camera.


The short clip shows what looks a translucent figure carrying a light as it makes its way along a deserted street in Cambridgeshire.

Rachael Jones, whose camera caught the footage, said she was alerted to the unexplained occurrence after hearing a noise outside.

She said: "I was at home sitting on my bed and I heard a noise outside, so I quickly picked up my phone and turned the camera on and was shocked by what appeared.

"I believe I can see a ghostly figure come out of the window with a light and then it walks down the path and past the car.

"I was completely astonished when I saw the recording that it picked up what I saw, I was in disbelief.


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"I have watched it so many times and can't come up with any explanation."

It's clearly a ghost, mate.

The clip was filmed on 26 March, while the country is in lockdown, which seemingly doesn't apply to ghosts.

Rachael isn't the only one to experience a spooky visitor recently - last month singer Sam Smith (who uses they/them pronouns) told fans they think their gaff is haunted by a ghost who likes to hang around the stairs.

Sharing a clip of themself singing, Smith wrote: "I've been singing this all day today... 'Ordinary People' by the incredible @JohnLegend. Singing this is taking me back to a whole different time when I heard his first album and it really made me want to do what I do. So thank you John for this song. xx #StayHome."

However, when they watched the video back, they noticed that the lights began to flicker and posted a follow up tweet which read: "Just realised my light was flickering the whole way through that singing video. I swear that's a ghost, I always hear a ghost on those stair."

Not everyone was convinced, though, with one fan responding: "Or the bulb is on the way out. Either/Or. Updates required and desired."

The truth is out there, pal.

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