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Flat Earther Who Watched Space X Launch Still Thinks Space Travel Is Fake

Paddy Maddison

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Flat Earther Who Watched Space X Launch Still Thinks Space Travel Is Fake

The flat earthers are well known for having their tin foil hats pulled down so far over their eyes that they are completely unable to see the ridiculousness of their argument. However, everyone's favourite billionaire nerd Elon Musk is making the truth increasingly difficult for them to deny.

For his latest trick, the Space X boss and potential real-life Bond Villain blasted a Tesla roadster, complete with dummy spaceman (or possibly spacesuited body of an enemy, if you want to entertain the Bond villain thing) into space, posting on-board footage of the Earth to his Twitter account.

However, even in the face of this 99.9% indisputable evidence that space travel is real and the Earth is not a flat disc, some die-hard conspiracy theorists are still struggling to believe that it isn't all just one big government-funded hoax.


One such person is 30-year-old Uber driver, Justin Harvey, who despite having watched the rocket containing the car take off with his own two eyes, still doesn't think it actually went to space.

Justin told Metro US: "I thought, there's another typical rocket launch, I've seen plenty of them.

"I didn't think too much of it.

"I personally don't believe in space travel, so I thought it was humorous at first, and then I was anxious to see the videos later, and see how real it looked.


"Even Elon himself claimed that it didn't look very real. Most of the time the rockets do a parabolic curve, over to the Atlantic ocean, and they're most likely retrieved out of the water.

"They always go over and out, because what goes up must come down, and there is no outer space."


Justin believes Musk is nothing but a puppet, selected by the government to helm a fake, civilian space exploration company, thus keeping the wool pulled over our eyes for some reason that doesn't make any sense.


He explained: "Was he picked up as his PayPal thing, and then groomed into being the so-called first civilian space agency to try and take some pressure of of nasa and make it seem like we are progressing with civilian space travel?

"I think that may be the case."

He continued: "It's about control, and control of information. We all know knowledge is power. If we don't have the knowledge, and people in control of the world have all the knowledge, then we're blind, dumb sheep, walking aimlessly.

"We can't have a very good grip on things if we don't know where we are, who we are, where we came from, and I think they could be hiding more land, resources, knowledge, possibly the creator, and the origin of our existence. No one ever tries to leave earth. We don't think we can, unless we're an astronaut."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Paddy Maddison
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