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Tower In San Francisco Becomes The 'Eye Of Sauron' On Halloween

Tower In San Francisco Becomes The 'Eye Of Sauron' On Halloween

Here's some conclusive proof that people power can be an effective way of getting what you want: on Halloween, the Salesforce Tower - the biggest tower in San Francisco - was lit up like the eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings because of a petition.

I mean, they could have asked for something a bit more important, but this is a good start on the road towards taking back power.


More than 11,000 people signed the petition asking for the tower to get a spooky makeover for Halloween, and the folks who own the property delivered.

The building, in case you're wondering how this would even work, is covered in thousands of LED lights, meaning that if you so desired, you could project stuff onto the top of it that would make it look like the disembodied eye of the Dark Lord of Mordor.

And that is exactly what they did, and fair play to them for doing it.


The tower itself is pretty imposing without a huge evil eye leering down from the top of it. In fact, it is 1,070 feet tall and serves as the headquarters for software company Salesforce (hence the catchy name).

There had been some discussion in the lead-up to Halloween about whether the display would happen at all. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff had expressed some unease about it, saying that he - perhaps understandably - didn't really want to do it.

The artist responsible for the LED display on the top of it had also expressed some concerns about changing the display on top of the tower.

In May, Jim Campbell, the artist responsible for the huge LED artwork, told the San Francisco Chronicle: "I'm not going to do a bulletin board, ever,

"I'm not going to do red-and-green Christmas lights."

Crucially, whilst ruling out any tacky Christmas displays or advertising work, he said nothing about the possibility of the all-seeing eye of a malevolent necromancer gracing the top of the tower.

That was his first mistake.

Anyway, whoever it was that made the final call on whether or not to do it seems to have made the right one. It certainly did no harm whatsoever, and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

In their petition, the people asking for Sauron to be up on the tower asked Salesforce to "help us unite the city, and raise the torch on Halloween night as one community, together."

After all, that's exactly what Sauron would have wanted...

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema/Twitter

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