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US Army Major Faces Action After Disappearing Following Visit To Polish Strip Club

US Army Major Faces Action After Disappearing Following Visit To Polish Strip Club

The senior officer was nowhere to be found the next morning

The US Army is investigating a trip to Poland made by the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade during which several members of the group, including senior officers, made a trip to an 'off limits' strip club and saw an executive officer go missing for two days.

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Fix, who was commanding the 40-strong 'No Mercy' 1st Battalion Army Apache helicopter unit at the time of the incident, is now set to resign in the aftermath of the debacle.

According to US military periodical Stars and Stripes, the soldiers under Fix's command were supposed to go on a two-day tour of the World War Two sites of northern Poland, but - after spending the night celebrating their sergeant major's 40th birthday - ended up in a strip club notorious for incidents of drugging and robbing patrons.

Major Matthew Conner, along with an unspecified number of 'heavily intoxicated' soldiers, went to Club Obsession in Gdansk after dinner.

Major Matthew Conner.
US Army

The club is renowned on review sites for drinks being spiked with narcotics and customers being scammed out of large sums of money.

A warrant officer told the army investigators that Conner described his experience at the club in this manner.

According to the report, he said that he received several lap dances and stated that the strippers 'bit his nipples to keep him awake' and he 'repeatedly had his credit card swiped'.

The report said that Conner 'also expressed a belief that the champagne he had been given at the club had been laced/drugged'.

It added that Conner, who is a pilot, was 'so severely impaired by the incident that he cancelled all of his flights for the next week because he 'just did not feel right' and it took days for him to feel normal again.

No-one knows how the night at the strip club concluded, but Conner was unaccounted for the following day and could not be found in his hotel.

A search party was dispatched, starting at Obsession, where Conner was last seen.

Eventually, he was located at another hotel and brought back for a truncated tour of the historical sites.

In the weeks that followed, rumours started to circulate about a trip to an 'alleged sex dungeon' where thousands of dollars were spent.

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Fix.
US Army

The report continued: "Not only is it questionable whether the purpose and intent of a (battalion staff ride) was met, but during the trip, multiple individuals exhibited lapses in judgment and leadership that are not expected of senior leaders in the Army."

Col. Joe Scrocca, spokesman for US Army Europe and Africa, said that the leadership problems were 'isolated cases' and added: "The same standards of conduct and leadership apply here in Europe as they do in the United States.

"Our permanently stationed and rotational forces are expected to live by the same Army Values."

Matthew Fix, who is in the process of retiring, also faces administrative or disciplinary action, as well as several other junior officers and a first sergeant.

Conner faces a separation review board.

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