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Video Footage Shows Hunter Shooting A 75-Year-Old Jogger In Southern Sweden

Video Footage Shows Hunter Shooting A 75-Year-Old Jogger In Southern Sweden

The Norwegian has been charged with attempted murder

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Police have released some astonishing footage that shows the moment a hunter shot a 75-year-old jogger in Sweden.

The 48-year-old hunter, who has not been named, claims that he thought he was about to shoot a deer, but instead he ended up shooting pensioner Olle Rosdahl. Thankfully, the bullet passed through Rosdahl and missed his vital organs.

The incident took place in the town of Klippan, southern Sweden. At around 4.00am one morning last November, Rosdahl left his house for a morning jog when he was struck down by the gunshot.

He explained: "I heard a blast and fell to the ground. I was shrieking, 'What the hell kind of shooting is that?'

"The shot went straight through me and if it had been two centimetres higher I would not have survived."

Olle Rosdahl survived the shooting.

The gunshot wound left him seriously injured, but he managed to struggle his way to a neighbour several hundred metres away and get some help. He was then rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

Police have now released the footage that shows the shot being taken, and charged the gunman with attempted murder, claiming that it must have been clear to him that his target was a human when he took the shot from around 170 metres away.

The bullet passed through Rosdahl's side and exited through his buttocks, missing his vital organs in the process. The shooter - who is a Norwegian - maintains that it was an unfortunate accident and that he was in Sweden's Skåne County to hunt deer, boar and foxes.

Police and prosecutors disagree, however.

Scope footage is a key piece of evidence in the trial.

Prosecutor Ola Lavie told local media: "The evidence to a large extent consists of the film which shows what he was shooting at.

"If you look at the film, for me, it is obvious he is shooting a human being. I believe from the film it's clear this is an intentional shooting."

Despite the video evidence, it's not clear why on earth the gunman would want to shoot Mr Rosdahl.

Lavie continued: "Rosdahl has no issues with anyone. He lives in the area and has no idea why anyone would want to shoot him."

Mr Rosdahl's gunshot wound.

J. Andres Concha, the representative for the defence, said of his client: "He denies everything. It was a pure hunting accident and there was no intention of killing."

The prosecutors say that the hunter also tried to hunt deer and foxes at night, which is illegal. They also alleged that he used infrared sights - which require permission - and illegal ammunition.

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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