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Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll Listed On Ebay For £12.50

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll Listed On Ebay For £12.50

One of the listings even claims to be from a Greggs employee

Right, let's all agree before we get started. This whole madness about the Greggs vegan sausage roll is getting ridiculous. The latest development, however, pushes it over the edge completely. People are now trying to flog them on eBay.

Yep. We knew it was bad when they were being discussed on Good Morning Britain, where Piers Morgan (a man who definitely prefers gammon to vegan fayre) vomited after merely tasting one.

This is another level, mind. Oddly enough, people are actually bidding on them. Of the listings we found, one is currently at £7 with 15 bids having been tabled for the pastry.

Another has no bids (yet) but is available to buy outright for £12.50. That's a significant mark-up on the £1 asking price in Greggs shops.

So, you might ask, why should I pay massively above the odds for a days old Quorn sausage roll? To be honest, that is a perfectly legitimate question. However, one of the listings claims to be from a Greggs employee, so they'll send out a fresh one first class.

Greggs vegan sausage rolls listed on eBay.

The other listing boasts about the product arriving 'in the cool Greggs paper bag, not the box'.

They also say that you'll have to pick it up if you want it. Presumably you'd be better served just going down to your nearest Greggs. That being said, they have been selling out very quickly since the initial release.

The whole thing started when Greggs posted a pretty innocuous tweet that said: "The wait is over."

Piers Morgan - a man who has the temerity to call people 'snowflakes' despite being offended by a bakery producing a new pastry - then took the bait, tweeting: "Nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage, you PC-ravaged clowns."

Greggs simply responded: "Oh hello Piers, we've been expecting you."

Inadvertently - or not, as the case may be - this kick-started a hype around the new product that Greggs could only ever have dreamed of. The rest, as they say, is history.

In fact, Greggs' chief executive Roger Whiteside said that people had been waiting for one.

He confirmed: "Like many food retailers we have seen increasing demand for vegetarian and vegan products. We have been trying to develop a vegan version of our famous sausage roll for some time now.

"It has not been easy but our taste panel customers all love this one, so we have decided to launch it as our contribution to Veganuary."

LADbible has contacted Greggs for a comment on the eBay listings.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Greggs

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