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Woman Might Be A Millionaire After Buying $120 Artwork From Subway

Woman Might Be A Millionaire After Buying $120 Artwork From Subway

Colleen Alexander picked up the piece of art after stumbling across a seller one night

A woman could potentially be a millionaire are buying a 'Banksy'.

Colleen Alexander was walking through the subway in New York when she stumbled across a guy selling pieces that resembled those of the mysterious artist - who is set to exhibit in the city soon.

Despite thinking that it's likely they weren't legit, Colleen decided to take a punt on it, purchasing two pieces for $60 (£45) each from the masked seller.

She later explained in a video to her TikTok that she just had a feeling that convinced her they might the real deal, so decided to go for it.

Colleen told BuzzFeed: "I went back to get these pieces out of a pure gut feeling

"I have never felt such a rush from street art before, and never felt called to buy a piece quite as strongly as I felt called to this one."

Colleen went on to explain that she had long been a fan of Banksy.

"I was definitely familiar with Banksy and his story and social message/cultural critiques of art and the art world, but I did not follow him or his history very closely," she said.

"I always appreciated his roots as a graffiti artist who believed art was for the public."

In her post to TikTok, Colleen showed her haul to her followers, explaining that she thinks she 'may' have stumbled across a small fortune.

However, she made it clear that doesn't have a clue whether she had picked up a real Banksy or been conned out of $120 (£90).

She said: "I decided to share the video on TikTok out of pure excitement.

"I had already called several friends that evening to tell them my story, but I was still so full of shock and wonder that I wanted to share it more."

Colleen isn't sure whether these are the real deal or not.
Colleen Alexander

For those of you who don't have a clue who the hell Banksy is, neither do we.

All that - we think - we know is that he/she is a British artist who travels around the world leaving his/her mark on buildings and places, usually making some kind of social commentary on an issue that's pertinent at the time.

Just recently, a landlord removed a valuable Banksy artwork from their shop wall and hid it in an unknown location.

The artwork was one of several pieces to appear in Lowestoft, Suffolk, back in August this year, but has now been removed from the building - which had rocketed in value after being Banksy-ed. 

This Banksy in Suffolk was moved recently.

The empty shop, which previously housed electrical store Lowestoft Electrical, was previously on the market for £300,000 ($398,422), but leapt up by at least another £200,000 (£265,615) after Banky's artwork of a child with a crowbar popped up.

The brick and plaster section was carefully cut out of the wall by removal experts at the weekend, with a video showing a yellow telehandler tearing out the part of the wall covered in graffiti, which was protected with a screen and wooden boards. 

Workmen then loaded the wall slab onto a truck, before taking it to an undisclosed location.

It remains unclear whether or not the artwork - which was one of 10 pieces made in Banksy's 'Great British Spraycation' - will be sold at auction, with previous Banksy pieces reeling in millions under the hammer.

Featured Image Credit: Colleen Alexander

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