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Woman Left Disappointed With £600 Chanel Advent Calendar

Woman Left Disappointed With £600 Chanel Advent Calendar

She splashed out on the fancy calendar but was not impressed with what was inside

A Chanel fan was left feeling less than impressed after splashing out on a £610 advent calendar from the luxury brand. You can see some of the items inside here:

TikTok user Elise Harmon - or @eliseharmon as she’s known on the platform - shared a series of unboxing videos sharing what she got inside the fancy calendar. 

In the first video, Elise said: “Am I crazy? Absolutely. But I’ve never seen a Chanel advent calendar, so let’s see if it’s worth the hype.”

It started off well enough with Elise giving it a ‘ten out of ten’ for packaging, but once she began to open up the boxes it was a different story.

Elise kicked off by opening box number nine, which she thought ‘looked really promising’, but she was left disappointed to find it contained nothing but some branded stickers. 


A shocked Elise says: “OK this has to be a joke! This is a joke - stickers? Stickers.”

But it wasn’t all bad - she then opened another box to reveal a hand cream that ‘did not disappoint’. 

Out of another box, Elise revealed a small dust bag. 

“This… I can’t make this up,” she said. “It’s just this bag. It’s just this dust bag.” 

In another video she opened up boxes containing a flipbook, more stickers, a magnet, and a bracelet that Elise reckons looks like a bottle cap. Not ideal. 

However, she was pretty happy to also get a couple of red lipsticks, a ‘really cute’ keychain, nail polish and a small pot of body cream. 

Talking about the cream, Elise said: "This is cute. It's a little baby body cream. I'm pretty sure this is enough cream for my left arm.”


The calendar also contained a full-sized bottle of its iconic No 5 perfume, worth £110. 

Fellow TikTok users were quick to comment about the contents of the calendar, with one person joked: "This is the Fyre fest of advent calendars."

Someone else: “Girl, I’m crying because the whole box is free samples and stickers.”

While a third said: “They really robbed you.”

After posting her review videos, Elise also claimed that she was BLOCKED by Chanel.

She joked: "What's not clicking Chanel? Something is wrong!!"

LADbible has reached out to Chanel for comment. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@eliseharmon

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