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Woman Gives Out Shots At Airport After She’s Not Allowed To Take Booze Through Security

Woman Gives Out Shots At Airport After She’s Not Allowed To Take Booze Through Security

The woman decided to dish out the booze to fellow passengers after security wouldn't allow her to bring the bottles through with her

Hilarious footage shows the moment a woman started handing out shots to fellow passengers at an airport after security staff wouldn’t let her take her booze through. Take a look below:

Of course, many of us like a cheeky tipple at the airport before boarding a flight, even if it means sipping a slightly groggy pint at 4am.

But one group of friends took things a little further when they started dishing out shots at security after they realised they weren't allowed to get on the plane with the bottles they'd presumably just purchased in the duty-free area.

TikToker @latinnbellaa shared the video online recently, racking up 17.8 million views and 2.4 million likes on the post. 

Saying that she and her friends were travelling to Miami, she explained: “They didn’t let us take our bottles through check in so we gave shots to everyone in line.” 


In the clip, one woman hands a bottle of Malibu rum to another person in the queue, telling her: “They didn’t let us check in the bag so we’re about to toss it.” 

The stranger then pours a shot directly into her mouth from above, managing to avoid the bottle touching her lips – presumably because, y’know, Covid and all that.  

She then passes it onto someone else who does the same, while another woman can be seen necking from a bottle of Ciroc vodka in the background.  


In the comments, the last woman identified herself, writing: “Ciroc girl here, yes we all came back friends lmao.” 

@latinnbellaa also shared a little more information in the comments section, responding to others’ questions.  

“Yes we got on our flight, nobody was kicked out,” she wrote.  

“It was a shot, no one was drunk.” 

She continued: “The bottles were not in our carry on bag. We missed our deadline to check in our bags to cargo so we had to bring them thru TSA [Transportation Security Administration].” 


Many other TikTok users enjoyed the footage, with one writing: “I honestly love seeing acts of human kindness.” 


A third joked: “I can’t believe they are allowing this type of behavior at the airport and I’m even more disappointed I wasn’t there to participate.” 

A fourth noted the ‘security laughing in the back’, while another added: “I love this!!! Shots for everybody! That’s right girls don’t waste no liquor shiiiddd.” 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@latinnbellaa

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