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Woman Shares 'Hack' To Get 54 Days Off Next Year Using Just 22 Days Of Annual Leave

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Woman Shares 'Hack' To Get 54 Days Off Next Year Using Just 22 Days Of Annual Leave

TikToker has shared a neat ‘hack’ to let you get 54 days off using just 22 days of annual leave next year – capitalising on weekends and bank holidays to get the most out of your time off. 


Entrepreneur Ruth Kudzai (@ruthkudzai) shared her ‘2022 annual leave hack’ on TikTok recently, saying it helps people in the UK ‘turn 22 days of annual leave to 54 days off’. 

Essentially, all you’ve got to do is book your annual leave in a savvy way, straddling weekends and bank holidays to get streaks of up to 10 days off.  

On her website, she explains: “I don't know about you but annual leave and holidays in 2021 just didn't holiday enough. Between vaccinations and the RAG list of countries to travel, there was too much uncertainty which meant a lot of people, like me, really had to make the most of UK holidays.” 

Kudzai continues: “I am about to upgrade your annual leave game with clever planning - combining weekends, annual leave and bank holidays, you can maximise your time off and get 52 days off using just 22 annual leave days.  

“Oh! Did I mention...we also get an extra bank holiday in 2022 to mark the Queen's 70 years on the throne! The bonus bank holiday falls on Friday June 3.” 

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Here's how it works:

Take 4 days of annual leave to enjoy 9 consecutive days off 

  • Saturday 1 January: New Year's Day 
  • Sunday 2 January: Weekend 
  • Monday 3 January: Bank Holiday 
  • Tuesday 4 January: Annual Leave 
  • Wednesday 5 January: Annual Leave 
  • Thursday 6 January: Annual Leave 
  • Friday 7 January: Annual Leave 
  • Saturday 8 January: Weekend 
  • Sunday 9 January: Weekend 

Take 4 days of annual leave to enjoy 10 consecutive days off 

  • Friday 15 April: Bank holiday 
  • Saturday 16 April: Weekend 
  • Sunday 17 April: Weekend 
  • Monday 18 April: Bank holiday 
  • Tuesday 19 April: Annual leave 
  • Wednesday 20 April: Annual leave 
  • Thursday 21 April: Annual leave 
  • Friday 22 April: Annual leave 
  • Saturday 23 April: Weekend 
  • Sunday 24 April: Weekend 

Take 4 days of annual leave to enjoy 9 consecutive days off 

  • Saturday 30 April: Weekend 
  • Sunday 1 May: Weekend 
  • Monday 2 May: Bank Holiday 
  • Tuesday 3 May: Annual leave 
  • Wednesday 4 May: Annual leave 
  • Thursday 5 May: Annual leave 
  • Friday 6 May: Annual leave 
  • Saturday 7 May: Weekend 
  • Sunday 8 May: Weekend 

Take 3 days of annual leave to enjoy 9 consecutive days off 

  • Saturday 28 May: Weekend 
  • Sunday 29 May: Weekend 
  • Monday 30 May: Annual leave 
  • Tuesday 31 May: Annual leave 
  • Wednesday 1 June: Annual leave 
  • Thursday 2 June: Bank holiday 
  • Friday 3 June: Bank holiday 
  • Saturday 4 June: Weekend 
  • Sunday 5 June: Weekend 

Take 4 days of annual leave to enjoy 9 consecutive days off  

  • Saturday 27 August: Weekend 
  • Sunday 28 August: Weekend 
  • Monday 29 August: Bank holiday 
  • Tuesday 30 August: Annual leave 
  • Wednesday 31 August: Annual leave 
  • Thursday 1 September: Annual leave 
  • Friday 2 September: Annual leave 
  • Saturday 3 September: Weekend 
  • Sunday 4 September: Weekend 

Lastly, take 3 days of annual leave for a 8 day break over the festive period

  • Saturday 24 December: Weekend 
  • Sunday 25 December: Christmas Day (weekend) 
  • Monday 26 December: Bank holiday (Boxing Day) 
  • Tuesday 27 December: Bank holiday 
  • Wednesday 28 December: Annual leave 
  • Thursday 29 December: Annual leave 
  • Friday 30 December: Annual leave 
  • Saturday 31 December: Weekend 

After the new year, you’ll also have the first two days off, as 1 January is a Sunday and 2 January is a bank holiday – meaning if we count those days, you’ll have a streak of 10 days over the festive season.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Topics: UK News, TikTok

Jess Hardiman
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