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Brit who moved to Australia warns people not to move there

Brit who moved to Australia warns people not to move there

Travel lover Ellie ditched her life in London to head Down Under, but has warned others who plan on doing the same

It seems like every man and his dog has gone Down Under to start a new life in the sunshine.

But one Brit who has joined the masses in Australia says it isn't all it's cracked up to be.

It isn't the soaring temperatures or being a stones throw away from the Sydney Opera House which has had an impact on Ellie's (@thechaoticnomad) move.

All that stuff is a vast improvement to her former life in the hustle and bustle of London, however, there are some major issues that come along with relocating to one of Australia's largest cities.

In a TikTok video warning other travellers about the current state of affairs, she said: "Do NOT move to Sydney... if you think it's going to be easy. I moved from London to Sydney with no idea of the rental crisis."

There is a lot of competition for properties in Australia right now.

There simply aren't enough affordable pads for the amount of people looking for one, causing places like Sydney and Melbourne to become some of the most expensive cities in the world to rent.

Ellie explained she would be vlogging her house hunting experiences for the foreseeable future to give others a 'realistic view' of what is going on the ground.

She says it's a bit of a case of you get what you're given - as no one can afford to be picky because 'competition is crazy for a place in Sydney right now'.

She shared a video showing how her and a pal rushed around to several viewings in the space of a few hours.

The Brit claimed that 'about 70 to 100 people' turned up to take a tour of one of the flat's she visited, while pretty much all of the property's had huge queues trailing outside.

Ellie continued: "It's a queue to get in and then you literally couldn't even see it, there were so many people in there.

"The queue quite literally went down two flights of stairs and down the street.

Ellie said there was up to 100 people at one of the viewings.

"The estate agent was calling people's names like a register at school. It took so long for us to get in and see it," she said.

"One thing I've noticed about rentals in Sydney is that nothing's furnished - this one didn't even come with a dishwasher."

In the caption of her video, Ellie told her followers: "Moving to Sydney is not all sunshine and's also mass rejection, queues and a rental crisis."

However she added that 'it's worth it'.

Social media users were shocked to see the reality of the rental crisis.

One person commented: "Finally, someone showing the truth!"

Another wrote: "Bless you this must be so stressful. Good luck finding a place you like! Keep your hopes up."

A third added: "Have patience and don't stress if you're able to. I hope your housing sorts out soon!"

A fourth said: "Damn. That's not a viewing - that's a gathering! I have never experienced or encountered such a crowd for properties."

But others had quite a different stance about Ellie's property pickle - with a lot of people accusing her of not doing any research before moving out there.

One person commented: "Genuine question, wouldn't you check this out before moving? We've been in a rental crisis in Aus for years."

To which Ellie explained she had actually 'moved on a whim', adding: "Was supposed to head home and shocked my family lol I either over plan or don't plan at all there is no in between."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/thechaoticnomad

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