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This Video Of A Bevy Of Otters Killing A Monkey Will Devastate You

This Video Of A Bevy Of Otters Killing A Monkey Will Devastate You

Nature can be really barbarous sometimes.

Whether it's a den of snakes trying to kill a baby iguana, or a jaguar mauling a God damn caiman, we learn that the natural world is predictably merciless.

But this is next level stuff.

Otters. Those cute fellas with sharp gnashes that enjoy eating fish. Yep, them. Not too bad you might think. Sticking to their fish. They're alright. Who cares about fish anyway? See them by the river on occasion chomping into a roach. Yeah, you have that lad, you deserved it.


Well here's a video of them going a notch or thousand up and drowning a monkey at Bronx Zoo in New York. Obviously, it's pretty distressing.

Credit: Diggy Compilations

The video is a few years old but still serves to show that otters are, in fact, murderous little bastards.

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The exhibit housed both Asian small-clawed otters (the video says sea otters but we believe this is wrong) and Javan lutung monkeys, the latter a vulnerable species native to parts of Indonesia.

A number of otters drown the poor primate to death, like a gang of thugs, with other lutung monkeys screeching and trying to save it. It's a harrowing reminder of the fact the world is not all green and full of candy floss but is, in fact, a planet where bullies prosper and terrible things happen all the time. It's as much a symbolic representation of life as a literal video showing deceit and betrayal worse than the Freys in the Red Wedding.

And this isn't the first time otter murder has reportedly happened. ABC stated that a lion tamarin monkey (endangered) was eaten by a group of otters after it fell into a pond at Bristol Zoo (even more endangered).

As reported by IFLS, sea otters are also known to rape baby seals to death, and kidnap other baby otters in exchange for food. They're even horrendous little cretins to their own kind, it seems.


I've learnt one thing - the otter family is comprised of a bunch of perfidious little shithouses.

Perhaps zookeepers can also learn something? Don't put the savage little swimmers in with our primate brothers and sisters?

Main credit: Hannover Zoo/PA

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