German City Installs Pods For Homeless People To Sleep In

German City Installs Pods For Homeless People To Sleep In

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Watch: Shark Eating A Cow In The Middle Of The Ocean

Watch: Shark Eating A Cow In The Middle Of The Ocean


A video showing a shark eating a cow has appeared online and no one understands what's going on.

The clip was filmed by a few lads who were sailing off the coast of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean, when the spotted the water churning and decided to investigate. I bet they wish they hadn't because what they found gives more questions than answers.

The cow the shark was chowing down on is a horned zebu cow, if you care, which aren't known for their love of the sea. And the hungry shark is a 16ft tiger shark, so fair play to the lads who filmed it, because that is some serious dedication to viral video.


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Sea Otter Turns Nature On Its Head By Eating A Shark In 'First Of Its Kind Encounter'

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Now, while the video is pretty cool and also quite gross in equal measure, I think the bigger question is how did this scenario come about? I hope to God the sharks aren't coming on land, Sharknado-style, and eating our livestock. Do cows live near the sea? I don't get out the city much, so I assumed cows lived in fields and didn't take beach holidays very often, but perhaps I'm wrong.

The cameraman may have a solution, as he reckons that the cow fell off a boat. But then, again, so many questions. Who is carrying a 200kg dead cow on the water? And why? When it fell overboard did they just think, 'nah, leave that' or did the shark put up a bit of a fight for it?


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