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Dad Catches Son’s Home Run, Hit With The Bat He Got For His Birthday

Dad Catches Son’s Home Run, Hit With The Bat He Got For His Birthday

This might just bring a tear to your eye

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There's few things that warm the heart better than seeing a kid losing their shit over a birthday present that they were hoping for. Check out the reaction that Devon Fowler's kid makes when he sees what's hiding in his dad's car.

In the extended video, the kid thinks that Devon forgot about his birthday and was clearly upset, which makes his reaction even better. You can almost hear Devon start to choke up as his son is clearly over the bloody moon.

One viewer commented on the video, saying: "My hat off to the dad. What a stand-up guy, much respect to you my brother - we need more 'men' like this guy."

That was a year ago; since then Braheim has been practising hard and crafting his skill to hit an almighty home run. But when Devon took the youngster to the park on 17 July, neither knew that magic was about to happen.

Here's the footage:

Credit: Viralhog

After dodging the first ball, Braheim hit the sweet spot with his trusty green bat and knocked the ball out of the park for a home run. But incredibly, the ball went straight to Devon and he caught it.

It would be a pretty special feeling getting to catch the home run that your son hit because of the bat that you got for him.

People on social media have melted for the video, with Josh saying: "Your heart bursting love for your son makes me excited to have children one day."


Another YouTube user says: "That is a huge moment for a young kid and knowing that your dad was out there going totally nuts because you did such an amazing thing would be the best feeling ever."

This user wrapped it up nicely: "As much as your voice cracked through-out the video. There's nothing more heart-warming when a father is in a roller coaster of emotions to be proud of his son. I wish you many happy moments to your family."

Hopefully there are many more home runs to come.

Featured Image Credit: Devon Fowler/Viralhog

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