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​World's Smallest Woman Hangs Out With World's Tallest Man In Egypt

​World's Smallest Woman Hangs Out With World's Tallest Man In Egypt

Sultan Kosen is a massive 8ft 1, while 24-year-old Jyoti Amge is just 2ft tall.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

The world's smallest woman and tallest man were invited to Egypt for a photoshoot - and it's just about as incredible as you'd imagine.

Sultan Kosen, 35, is from Turkey, and at a colossal 8ft 1 is the tallest man on the planet. Meanwhile, Jyoti Amge - a 24-year-old from India - is the world's smallest woman, standing short at just over 2ft tall.


They were both invited to Egypt by the country's tourism promotion board for the ultimate photo op, being captured stood next to each other in front of the world-famous pyramids.

In one photo Amge holds a phone in front of her, and it's then that you can really see the scale of just how tiny she is. Kosen's foot also looks like it's pretty much the same as her body.


Amge has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, and took her title at the age of 18 in 2001 when she weighed just 5kg. As a result of her tiny frame, all of her clothes, plates and utensils have to be custom-made.

Kosen, who also won his record in 2001, was the first person to be measured by the Guinness World Book of Records in over 20 years. He also has the record for the biggest hands.

According to Guinness, only 10 people in history have ever reached 8ft or more.

He has a condition called pituitary gigantism, which is the result of an over-production of growth hormone.

At the time he won his title 17 years ago, he said: "I never imagined I would be in the book, I dreamed about it, but it was still a huge surprise."

Britain's tallest man, meanwhile, is 7ft 7. He also weighs 25 stone and packs away an impressive 7,000 calories a day.

Appearing on This Morning a few months back, Paul Sturgess discussed the daily struggles he goes through because of his height.

"The worst thing about my height is cars," the professional basketball player said.

"I don't drive in England because I can't find a driving instructor with a car big enough for me to drive in.

"And doorways are hard for me to get through, and showers."

But he did say that there are some perks: "Airlines are always good to me, I'm nearly always upgraded.

"95% of the time I fly first or business class, because I need extra leg room."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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