This Is A Decent Reason Why You Should Never Be Near An Angry Bull

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This Is A Decent Reason Why You Should Never Be Near An Angry Bull

Whenever I've seen footage of Spanish bullfighting, I've always thought the crowd is lucky that they're sitting in stands and aren't actually face to face with these huge creatures.

But it appears that bullfighting in Portugal is much more dangerous. This footage was captured by Gabriel Alves Vieira on the Portuguese island of Terceira.

While some people are taunting the bull and chasing after it, one man, carrying an iPad, seems oblivious that there is nothing separating him and the animal.

Check out the footage here:


Credit: YouTube/ Gabriel Alves Vieira

Maybe it's ignorance or arrogance that led him to think he could just stand there without getting drawn into the action.

Whatever it was, he was in it - and he took and absolute battering from the bull. A flurry of people rush to the man's aid, who is seen struggling to get up.


According to the Daily Mail the 'touradas à corda (rope bullfights)' are organised between April and September each year.

Most people on YouTube found no sympathy for the man.

One person said: "If you mess with the bull you'll get the horns."

Another writes: "That guy was lucky someone covered the bull's horn (or it was shaved off? which is already horrible) otherwise he would've died. You can see the bull was aiming it towards his neck." 


It's a risky business trying to taunt bulls. Take it from this Spanish guy who thought he was perfectly safe being inside a cage. According to the person who captured the footage, the man in the cage survived the incident but was badly injured.

Credit: Newsflare

Those screams are enough for me to stay well away from that sort of thing. But these are just regular punters who end up in unfortunate circumstances. What about those who actually do this as a job?


Matador Antonio Romero found out the hard way that bullfighting is dangerous during an event in Mexico City when he was gored in the backside.

Other bullfighters came to his rescue and got him to safety but it was later discovered that the bull's horn went eleven inches up his rectum.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Gabriel Alves Vieira

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