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Guy Takes Breathtaking Proposal Picture In Front Of Northern Lights

Guy Takes Breathtaking Proposal Picture In Front Of Northern Lights

An Australian lad proposed to his girlfriend under the Northern Lights after she foiled his first attempt last year when she accidentally chucked away the ring.

Dale Sharp, 34, has finally succeeded in popping the question to Karlie Russell, 29, in front of the Aurora Borealis.

The pair, who met through their work as landscape photographers, took a breathtaking proposal picture inside the heart of the Arctic Circle.


"I hadn't heard or seen anyone do it before, and I wanted to do something different from everybody else," he told the Daily Mail.

"We both love chasing the Northern Lights and photographing them together. So it seemed pretty fitting."

Dale had first attempted to pop the question during a trip to Iceland last year


He had hidden the ring inside a bottle of hand cream, but when the couple found their luggage was overweight, Katie binned the hand cream to get under their baggage allowance.

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She didn't know the $4,000 ring was hidden inside.


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Dale said he did not find out what had happened for weeks afterwards, when he was desperately trying to find the ring.

But after discovering it was lost, he worked hard to save up money for a new ring as the couple had planned a two-month work trip through Iceland, Norway and Finland for work.


When the trip came and the Aurora started glowing, he got down on one knee and pulled out the new ring he had tucked away in the couple's medical pack.

The couple are enjoying a few more weeks in the Arctic Circle before their return home, and despite their incredible engagement backdrop, the pair plan on having a simple wedding.


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