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Danny Dyer And Mark Wright 'To Settle Their Score In A Charity Boxing Match'

Danny Dyer And Mark Wright 'To Settle Their Score In A Charity Boxing Match'

Featured image credit: PA Images

Danny Dyer and Mark Wright could settle their feud in a charity boxing match, Only Way Is Essex star Ferne McCann has revealed.


The two men were involved in a bust-up at V Festival, with five of Mark's mates attacking Dyer, kicking him in the head and giving him a black eye in front of his daughter.

Yesterday, Dyer spoke out about the incident on Twitter, labelling the lads as 'snakey' and calling out Mark Wright.

Dyer's target area during the boxing match. Image credit: PA Images.

Now Ferne, who starred in TOWIE with Wright, told the Sun: "People would pay good money to watch them two scrap. It's the talk of the whole festival.


"I'm not saying I condone violence or anything, but there's obviously drama and a charity boxing match would be the best way to sort it. Let's see if they'll do it.

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"They could raise an incredible amount of money and turn it into something positive."

The beef between Dyer and Wright reportedly started when Wright slapped 39-year-old Dyer in the changing rooms during a charity football match.

Ferne said that she'd be backing Wright if the two of them got in a fight, but personally I'm hoping Dyer will deck Wright, considering that Wright started the beef, his mates ganged up on Dyer and they even reportedly squared up to his daughter.

The Mirror reported that Danny told his mate: "They all just came at me and jumped me. There was a lot of them. And it was in front of my kid.

"That's not right. This eye just needs to heal before the wedding."

Danny's fiance, Jo, said: "How could Mark Wright's friends do that to my Danny in front of my little girl. We are here on a family trip and this happens. Danny is not an aggressive person, he wouldn't have wanted to fight anyone. They've ganged up on him. I can't believe they've done this."

Let's get the charity boxing match set up then, lads.

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