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​The New Trailer For Stranger Things Is Teasing Us With Clues

​The New Trailer For Stranger Things Is Teasing Us With Clues


James Dawson

James Dawson

As well as being a great sporting event, the Super Bowl also has a must-watch half-time show.

This year's half-time show was especially sick, no not because of Gaga, but because the producers aired a trailer for the second season of Stranger Things.

But anyway, before I proceed, it's probably worth giving you a heads-up there might be some spoilers to follow.

Watch the trailer again, here...

Credit: Netflix

So what do we know for sure? The second series of Stranger Things is premiering on Netflix on Halloween.

The gang dress up as the team from Ghostbusters for some reason - no one else at their school is dressed up so it's not a fancy dress day.

We see a scary red light and what looks like a giant spider in the sky.

Some people thought it could be Thessalhydra from the kids' Dungeons and Dragons game from the first season. After all, when the kids are playing Dungeons and Dragons, that's they mention both the Demogorgon and Thessalhydra - both monsters from Ancient Greek myths. And the first season is all about the creepy and evil maybe the second one is all about the Thessalhydra?

Credit: Netflix

It's basically a monster with several heads.

But then some one with very good eyesight and memory says that the papers seen very briefly in the trailer are about something else in Dungeons and Dragons - Ravenloft. And no, that isn't a house at Hogwarts.

It's a part of Dungeons and Dragons that focuses around a humanoid monster - Count Strahd von Zarovich, a vampire who is looking for his lost love.

The gothic horror adventure quest involves a gang - like our fave 80s kids - who travel to a strange land surrounded by deadly magical fog.

Credit: Netflix

Count Strahd von Zarovich lives in Castle Ravenloft and rules the country, having made a blood pact with Death itself in order to live forever.

In Dungeons and Dragons, the gang have to collect weapons to destroy the vampire - a good theory for the next series.

To be honest, after the whole Twilight Saga I'm really over vampires. Nothing can make them cool again after they sparkled. I hope the next monster is as scary as the Demogorgon.

We also know that the world is turning upside down - usually that's a phrase that means there's going to be a big change, but in the Stranger Things universe, the upside down is the creepy parallel universe where the Demogorgon lives and took his victims back to. Could the upside down world and the normal world get mixed up?

And most importantly of all, we know Mike is still searching for Eleven. I hope they get to hang out again.

But we also know that eggos are going to make their way back into the story. Because they have to and they're delicious.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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