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Viewers Stunned After One Of The Most Heated Jeremy Kyle Episodes Ever

Viewers Stunned After One Of The Most Heated Jeremy Kyle Episodes Ever

It seems like a competition to be one of the worst participants on The Jeremy Kyle Show. People always yell and call each other names - but these two take the cake.

Joe was brought on because his ex-girlfriend, whom he describes as 'Barbie on crack', thinks that her one-year-old daughter is his. Joe stringently denies it, claiming that Lauren cheated on him during their short relationship, but wants to take a paternity test to put the issue to bed.


Jezza has no chill when Lauren begins shouting abuse from the side lines: "Do me a favour love, wash your mouth out until I tell you can speak. Park your backside and shut up."

Credit: ITV / Jeremy Kyle Show

Joe is told to 'sit back and relax' while they iron out the complete back story. It seems as though Jezza is on Joe's side - mainly because Lauren doesn't do herself any favours by yelling and standing on the couch.

But then it was Joe who had no chill, accusing his ex of 'smoking and sniffing and getting drunk for no reason' even while she was pregnant.


Joe tries to claim that there's no way the baby is his because it doesn't look like him. According to him the youngster looks like a cross between 'ET and Phil Mitchell'.

But then its Lauren's turn in the limelight. She's 'a million percent sure' that Joe is the baby's daddy and he hasn't helped financially since she learned of the pregnancy. Jezza blasts him for not having his shit together and leaving Lauren out to dry.

The audience starts to turn, however, when the mum starts changing her story. She claims she's never done drugs, but then says she smoked weed before getting knocked up. Jezza tells her to sit down because she's 'giving him neck cramps'.

Joe's put on the spot when asked: "If you were sure or unsure of paternity, I've been here 11 years, why have you waited until this kid is one, why didn't you do it the moment the child was born?"

But then the all-important test results came in.

The verdict: Joe is NOT the dad.

What a bloody rollercoaster. Surprise, surprise though that Lauren doesn't believe the paternity test. Not sure how you can argue with science.

Hopefully Lauren finds out who is the baby's daddy.

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Jeremy Kyle Show

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Viewers Stunned After One Of The Most Heated Jeremy Kyle Episodes Ever

Viewers Stunned After One Of The Most Heated Jeremy Kyle Episodes Ever

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