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What Happens When The Big Bang Theory Meets Ricky Gervais? Hilarity

What Happens When The Big Bang Theory Meets Ricky Gervais? Hilarity

Big laughs!

James Dawson

James Dawson

Everyone who knows anything about comedy will be aware that the Big Bang Theory is the most hilarious and innovative sitcom on TV right now. Hell it might be the most hilarious and innovative sitcom of all time.

Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Rajesh - just thinking about what those crazy cats might get up to has me quite literally holding my stomach writhing in laughter-induced pain. I feel like I'm about to recreate that scene from Alien over here!

Anyway, apparently there are some doubters out there who don't rate the show as highly as I do (what the hell!?). One such hater is YouTuber Owen Cooper, who took it upon himself to edit out the show's usual laughter track and replace it with clips of Ricky Gervais' incredibly infectious laughter.

See how it turns out, here...

Credit: CBS

The clips used for the Gervais laughter track were taken from his various podcasts, and users on Reddit have been quick to point out that watching it demonstrates just how much of the timing of jokes on the show is reliant on the laughter track for pacing.

The awkward moments are even more accentuated if you watch the show without any laughter track at all.

For example in this clip...

Maybe they should get Ricky in the studio full-time?...

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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