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The Guinness Storehouse Is Set To Open As A Christmas Market

The Guinness Storehouse Is Set To Open As A Christmas Market

The Guinness Storehouse is set to open for a Winter Market, in connection with The Locals.

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

There is a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel: no, not the coming of a vaccine, it's the announcement that the Guinness Storehouse is set to become a festive market.

The iconic Dublin venue is set to host a winter village with local food, drinks and art installations that can hopefully lift a few spirits before this putrid modern hell of 2020 is out. It'll open between Wednesday and Sunday every week for a month, with all the necessary regulations in place to keep us safe over the Christmas period.


The Storehouse Christmas markets are a coming together of local artisans, and, fittingly, are brought to you by The Locals, a platform for Dublin-based creators.

Founder John Mahon said: "It's no doubt that this year has been incredibly tough on Irish trade, especially our small, local and family-run businesses.

"Teaming up with the Guinness Storehouse this year and becoming an integral part of their Winter Village is something that will support some local creators, designers and vendors during the busiest season and it's something that we are very excited about."

To help them with numbers, punters will have to register ahead of time at the Guinness Storehouse website, with entry free. Of course, our favourite tipple will be readily available, as well as food from Lilliput Stores and the SamboAmbo as well as the on-site restaurants at St James' Gate. Vendors will include Grand Grand, Fresh Cuts Clothing, Jam Art Factory, NIM and Potty Mouth.

You can even combine it with a visit and tour of the brewery: while the ticket you can get for free on the Guinness website is just for the ground floor, where the retail and food stalls are, the full Storehouse is still open and available to be booked up. In fact, given that there's no tourists at the moment, this might be the best time ever to go visit an iconic Dublin landmark.

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