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WATCH: Woman Finds A Live Maggot Wriggling Across Her Chicken

WATCH: Woman Finds A Live Maggot Wriggling Across Her Chicken

It's time for our daily dose of 'look what gross shit someone has found in their food'. You know the drill, if you've just eaten or are thinking of eating then probably just click close on this tab, OK?

Already this week we've seen a deep-fried rat head and killer, erection spiders, so what's next?

This latest video is pretty horrendous even by the usual standards, as it shows a live maggot crawling across a fresh, cooked chicken. Delicious.


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The video was uploaded by Morgan Kahuroa Adams from Australia, who claims that she told the store she bought it from supermarket chain Coles and that they offered her a refund, which she refused, so they gave her $8. That doesn't seem like a fair pay-out for being put off chicken for life.

Her post has now been shared dozens of times and has got people swearing off chicken.

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