Bikini-Clad Women Cause Outrage In Rome As They Bathe In 400-Year-Old Fountain

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Bikini-Clad Women Cause Outrage In Rome As They Bathe In 400-Year-Old Fountain

I would like to take this opportunity to offer an invite to Manchester to the three tourists pictured above. They were photographed in Rome, stripping down to their bikinis and cooling off in a 400-year-old fountain, in order to escape the summer sun.

The Italian locals weren't very happy about the incident, but we're more chill about that kind of thing over here. Come and have a go of the fountains in Piccadilly Gardens, girls.

The Daily Mail has reported that the 'scantily-clad women' caused uproar on social media when they splashed about in the Fontana dell'Acqua Paola.

Apparently, people were pissed off at their 'lack of respect' for the 17th century monument, as well as taking a wild guess at their nationality and deciding that it would only be the English or the Germans that would behave in such a 'rude' manner.


Online magazine Trastevere vented its outrage on Twitter, posting: "It is very hot but the fountain of the Janiculum can not become a pool x tourists Rome deserves more respect!"

The post was re-tweeted over 300 times and a load of furious Italians chirped in with more anger.

One Tweeter wrote: "You should go and do something similar in England or Germany. I'm going to tomorrow in my boxer shorts and swimming cap."

Others criticised the police for not arresting the women, as well as the photographer for not confronting the group.


Shut up you bloody prudes. There's nothing wrong with showing a bit of flesh and escaping the heat, especially as temperatures soared to 32C in the Italian capital over the weekend.

And if you are to come to Manchester girls, I am promising you it will probably chuck it down and be shit weather be even warmer than it is in Central Italy.

Get in touch, yeah?

Words by James Dawson


Featured Image Credit: Twitter / TrastevereRM

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