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Man Has Ingenious Way Of Getting Pizza Delivered To His Bed

Man Has Ingenious Way Of Getting Pizza Delivered To His Bed

On Friday Sam Zegrour had a heavy night.

The 32-year-old promoter held an annual awards night for the staff who work at his events company and things got messy after he tried to 'keep pace with a load of 20-year-olds'.


Following an epic sesh in which he claims he was 'plyed with shots' - although I'm inclined to think he's just making excuses - he got himself home and to bed. Needless to say he woke up the next day with a banging hangover, the type of which only a Domino's could sort out.

But there was a problem. Speaking to LADbible, Sam explained: "I felt like I couldn't make it downstairs without projectile vomiting."

However, the man from Bury, Greater Manchester had a solution, when he placed his order he wrote the following in the delivery notes...

Credit: Sam Zegrour


He said he usually has the same delivery driver, a 'sound guy' who he 'hoped he would be game' to make the delivery to his second-floor bedroom,

And, as he suspected, the LAD came through for him...

Credit: Sam Zegrour

Sadly, the best-laid plans can go awry and the pizza didn't have quite the effect he was hoping.

Sam explained: "In the end I only managed to eat one slice. And I spend the rest of the day laying there awake shaking like a shitting dog."

Although he did still have the remnants of a 'two day hangover' this morning, he still managed to make out to a wedding in Clitheroe.

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Credit: Sam Zegrour

So cheers to that, I guess.

It comes after an absolute LAD of a pizza delivery driver went above and beyond the call of duty when he delivered a takeaway to a stalled train on Monday.

After being brought to a standstill on its way from New York to Washington, USA, passenger Mitchell Katz posted a video of delivery man Jim Leary walking up to the train while it was stationary on the tracks.

Leary, a driver for Dom's Pizza in Newport, Delaware, described his arduous journey to AP, claiming he cut through a backyard, navigated an embankment and jumped over a water-filled ditch, all while balancing the two cardboard boxes.

Watch the moment the hungry passengers received their pizza here...

According to those onboard, they were left without access to food or water during the long delay, and in their restlessness a few of them came up with the idea of ordering some grub.

The 46-year-old was rewarded with a total of $32 in tips for his effort - as well as being given a hero's welcome by cheering passengers.

A veteran of 17 years' delivering service, Leary claimed that he had brought food to addresses in 32 counties across 18 states but this endeavour was among his strangest.

Speaking about his steely determination and unrelenting dedication to delivering pizza, he said: "I do whatever it takes."

Train operator Amtrak claimed that a mechanical issue was to blame for the delay, with their website showing the passengers eventually arrived in Washington over three hours late.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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