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Sir David Attenborough Reckons The 'New Planet Earth' Series Is Awesome

Sir David Attenborough Reckons The 'New Planet Earth' Series Is Awesome

Looks great.

James Dawson

James Dawson

10 years after Sir David Attenborough narrated the BBC's groundbreaking Planet Earth, the 90-year-old broadcaster has returned for a six-part follow up series that begins next Sunday.

Shot over three years in 117 filming trips to 40 countries, it is one of the first series to be fully filmed in the latest UHD and HDR formats, meaning it should be even better than the last one. Here's the trailer to get you excited.

The trailer for the new series. Credit: BBC

If you don't believe me about how good it's going to be, I trust you'll listen to the man himself. Sir David Attenborough told the Telegraph: "It's very important that television should every now again take a very in depth view of something.

"There is nothing more important as far as I am concerned. It is incredible. It's great stories. It's important stories, it's stories that take time and devotion.

"50 years ago there is hardly a species on Planet Earth II that anyone would have seen. They wouldn't know about fairy terns or sloths. And now everyone knows and it is remarkable."

Did you read that in his voice?

The first episode airs on November 6 on BBC One.

Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments...

David Attenborough with his daughter, Susan, in 1957. Featured image credit: PA

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