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​Stormzy’s View On Fish Fingers Proves He Is The Voice Of A Generation

​Stormzy’s View On Fish Fingers Proves He Is The Voice Of A Generation

He also has a controversial view on turkey dinosaurs.

This year might have been the year Stormzy found mainstream success but it seems there is one thing fame can't buy you: a decent restaurant menu.

Earlier today the 24-year-old voiced his frustration at fish fingers only being available on the kids menus when he's eating out.

He tweeted: "I hate when I see fish fingers on the kids menu why is it for kids they're for everyone."

Needless to say this created a lot of #debate.

When someone asked him if he wanted some potato smiley faces to go with them, he replied: "Yeah maybe I do and what."

But he controversially parred off turkey dinosaurs. When somebody suggested they were better than fish fingers, he replied: "You're a big man ya na. Turkey fuckin dinosaurs smh."

He also offered a damning verdict on the gentrification of fish fingers; slamming 'artisan' fish finger butties and describing tartar sauce and salad as 'some bullshit'.

Not everyone was happy with his views on fish fingers:

But most people were, rightly, on his side:

Stormzy for Prime Minister?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Instagram

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